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Body Fantasies Body Spray Review

19 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I love body sprays as they are usually much more affordable than perfume but still make you smell great! I had been waiting for months for the Body Fantasies Body Sprays to reach the UK as they are incredibly popular and have a cult following stateside. Now, Body Fantasies Body Sprays are finally available in the UK and are stocked at stocked HERE which I am very happy about as they are accessible for everyone and can be ordered online too.

Body Fantasies Body Sprays - Really Ree

There are currently four different scents available in handbag friendly sizes and gorgeous vibrant bottles. The four scents are: Japense Cherry Blossom, Pink Vanilla Fantasy, Pink Grapefruit Fantasy and finally Twilight Mist.

Each of the body sprays have 94ml (a slightly random amount) but with over 500 sprays in a bottle you can’t go wrong for just £3.99! These sprays are the perfect size for handbags, gym bags or even a school bag if you are younger as they aren’t going to take up much room! I have a tiny cross body bag and I never leave the house without one of these sprays in my bag.

Body Fantasies Body Spray- Twilight Mist & Japanese Cherry Blossom
Body Fantasies Body Spray- Twilight Mist & Japanese Cherry Blossom

There is definitely a fragrance for everyone no matter what your age. Japanese Cherry Blossom is a fragrance full of romance and charm with notes of fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and amber. This is the scent I could pick if I know I am going to be heading out for the evening.

Twilight Mist has notes of pure mandarin, magnolia and sandalwood to create a fragrance that will remind you of a summer’s evening. Then we have Pink Grapefruit Fantasy which is a very fruity scent with pink grapefruit notes and pomegranate with a base of white musk and vanilla. If you love fruity scents you’ll love this, it’s one of my favourites out of the four available.

Finally is Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy which is my favourite scent out of the four. This scent is made up of vanilla and musk with slight hints of juicy peach and berries.

Body Fantasies Body Spray
Body Fantasies Body Spray Pink Grapefruit Fantasy and Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy

You would never know that these aren’t actually perfumes as the scent lingers and stays around for hours, even longer when spritzed onto clothes, I have found. Each of the body sprays has been formulated with a high concentration of perfume oils, sourced from premium perfume houses which is why they offer the long lasting fragrance experience.  I like to mix and match the scents to create my own scent.

At £3.99 a bottle you can afford to buy all four and not break the bank, they are often on offer too. If you are only wanting to pick one of the scents up, I would personally recommend Pink Vanilla Fantasy if you love anything vanilla based like I do – it smells delicious!

Find them to order online HERE

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