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Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II

12 Mar 2015 (Updated: 20 Mar 2015)

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Makeup is a crazy thing. It’s something that has brought so much joy and fun to my life and as odd as it may sound, has been as important as a good friend and as effective as an emotional support system.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II

You could say that it’s just powder and paint, and to be fair, it is (along with an amazing dose of technology these days), but to many, including myself, it’s so much more.

It’s funny. Makeup has cheered me up or improved my mood in so many different ways over the years. From the thrill of the chase by hunting down that must-have product to the adrenaline and fear factor of parting with more cash than you think you can afford, to the guilty pleasure of welcoming home the new collection member. It’s a joy giver, a play-maker, a face fixer and a life lightener.

And for me, makeup has often been about that special moment between myself and the person staring back in the mirror. Not always because life is such a rush sometimes, but when that moment happens and your thoughts are quiet for a little while, and you smile to do your blusher. And for a a few seconds you see that person you’ve known for the longest time smiling back at you. A smile can make all the difference to my day. Even if it’s my own, even if it’s for blusher. But only if I take the moment to look at it.

My goodness, that smile dragged me through my post-graduate years of facing the reality that I had to get up early every morning and get myself to work in the city. I clung to that blusher smile!

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II

Anyway, I am going on about this because the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful campaign for women and girls got me thinking about what makeup means to me. And as you can tell if you managed to get this far, it means rather a lot.

Pretty Powerful recognises the power that makeup has in our lives as women and first launched in 2013 with the aim of promoting confidence in women through natural beauty.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II

It has since grown into a movement all about empowering women and girls through education by supporting programs that provide the training and skills to help them overcome the disadvantages they face and give them the self-confidence to succeed in the face of adversity. It is fitting that funds for this should be raised by fellow women through the sale of the empowering force of makeup.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II Swatch

Which is where the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II Pot Rouge comes in. If you haven’t come across Pot Rouge then you must. It is a beautiful cream designed for cheeks and lips and it gives you juicy skin in an instant. If you’re in the market for the perfect lip and cheek multi-tasker, get this one this month.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II Swatch

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II Swatch

The full RRP less VAT will be donated to Smart Works, a UK charity that gives high quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to out-of-work women on low incomes. Last year, they enabled over half of the women they coached to get jobs and change their lives. It’s very touching and very worthy.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful II Pot Rouge is limited edition and available now for £19 at all Bobbi Brown Studios and online at Bobbi Brown with free delivery.



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