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Bioslimming Body Wrap Treatment Review

15 Apr 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Well, I loved my Bioslimming Body Wrap treatment so much at Marie Reynolds London this morning that I just had to blog about it straight away.
It was, without doubt, the most active body treatment I have ever experienced – in that I think I could literally feel my fat melting! It was quite incredible! Check out the lotions and potions that Marie used on me.
Bioslimming Body Wrap Treatment Review
Each one of these extremely active formulas is used in sequence, creating a range of different sensations from heat to icy coldness while the treatment works to target cellulite, burn fat, burn calories, enhance weight loss and firm and tone the skin.

The creams are vigorously massaged into the skin, then wrapped to allow lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells).  Then the final stage is a very cold one!

A gel is applied that literally feels like it is freezing you from the inside out – one might say it freezes your a*se off!! Here are some before and after pictures of a client you had 5 wraps over an 8 week period.
Bioslimming Body Wrap Treatment Review
The fat turns into free fatty acids, which are then used for energy and excreted via the lymphatic system and normal process of elimination.
This isn’t one of those treatments where you then have to go off and do exercise, and go on a massive diet, and all that jazz – I can’t stand all that because, come on, you’re going to lose weight like that anyway aren’t you?
This treatment really does do the work for you, and continues to burn the fat for up to 12 hours afterwards – I am not washing off the active ingredients until tomorrow morning for sure!
The results after one treatment? Well I didn’t weigh myself before I went so I can’t comment on actual weight loss, but Marie measured me extremely precisely before and after and I lost a total of 6 and a half inches!! Pretty incredible!! 
On average people actually lose a bit more than I did – 8-10 inches – but to be fair, I have been on a diet recently and don’t have tonnes to lose.
And what is more important to me is that my tummy, bum and thighs looked slimmer and more toned straight away. The skin feels really firm, smooth, soft and supple – and my cellulite really does not look as bad. 
I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking to hone, tone and sculpt – absolutely perfect pre-holiday  or special occasion treatment as a one off, and as you can see, seriously impressive results can be achieved through a course.
Bioslimming Trio for Home Care
I also have some home care treatments to use every 2-3 days to trial – I shall let you know how I get on with them. This is what Marie herself uses and I have to say, she is looking a lot slimmer than the last time I saw her!!! I have high hopes. They are pricey though, so I’ll let you know!
Find out more about Marie’s West Kingsdown Clinic HERE and check out the Bioslimming website HERE. Marie charges £65 for a single Bioslimming treatment.
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