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Benefit Puff Off Quick Review

12 Dec 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Oh yeah! Right here is one of my dream products comes to life. I am obsessed with my under eye area. It starts out looking smooth and hydrated when I first apply my makeup and then as the day goes on, dehydration occurs and fine lines start to appear. I often carry an eye cream in my bag to tap on to the area, but it often means I have to reapply concealer which can end up looking cakey. Cue the product to solve this problem …. Benefit Puff Off!



So here is the lowdown!

“Iron on…puff off!” Sounds fun and good doesn’t it? And that’s my kind of product. Benefit Puff Off has been developed to de-puff the under eye area whilst also ironing out fine lines and wrinkles for a “satiny smooth” eye look. We all want that don’t we??!


 Benefit Puff Off is an innovative under eye gel with a rather cute and effective delivery system. It has a custom “ironing” tip that is cold and metallic which works to  smooth out the under eye area the look of  under by hydrating, cooling and delivering a softly iridescent finish (no shimmer) to brighten the whole area and really wake you up. Benefit say, “Iron away for a smoother day!”. I am all for that!


It is a beautifully cooling gel that contains a peptide which should work to stimulate collagen although I don’t have a lot of info on this. It is dispensed via a metallic tip that actually looks an iron which is more than a gimmick as it is perfectly shaped to get into the under eye area to smooth and massage the product in.

Benefit Puff Off – Application


All you do is give the tube a little squeeze and then dot the gel under each eye and then use the iron to glide the product over the skin for ultimate smoothing. It can be used on bare skin, or over makeup.


If you are using on top of makeup, make sure you pat it in rather than using the tip. The tube is the perfect size to pop in your handbag, so you can be sure that your under eye area gets the attention that it needs when you’re out and about.


So far, I have only tried it over makeup, which is probably how I will mainly be using it, and I love the brightening and smoothing effect that it instantly delivers. It has gone straight into my handbag.
Benefit Puff Off launches in February 2015 and costs £22.50 for 10ml. Find Benefit at Boots.

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