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Benefit Majorette Swatch & Review

9 Jul 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I have the Benefit Majorette swatch!! I was so excited when I discovered Benefit’s latest launch on the brand’s Italian instagram account a couple of weeks ago – Majorette cream to powder blush. So excited, in fact, that I managed to cobble together a whole blog post using google translate from what I could find on twitter!! Well today I had a super sweet moment when I finally got my hands on it and loved it as much as I hoped! Yay!

Benefit Majorette Review

For a start, the packaging is even cuter than I thought it would be. It really is adorable and I don’t think there’s any photo that can quite capture its novelty. So before I get on to the Benefit Majorette swatch, I just want to try and show you the packaging.

Benefit Majorette Review
Benefit Majorette Review
Benefit Majorette Review

You have to really hold this in your hand to appreciate how utterly charming it is. Even though I had seen photos of it, I was so much more in love than I thought I’d be. It has a wonderful vintage feel and reminds me of something special from way back when, but I just can’t put my finger on it. You will know what I mean when you see it! Also it has a fabulous magnetic close and is a really good size – it’s much bigger than it looks in pics.

Benefit Majorette Swatch

Benefit Majorette Swatch
Benefit Majorette Swatch

So this is the important bit! I am quite a fan of cream  blush and this cream to powder formulation is really very nice. It glides over the skin, gives you a good bit of play time to blend before setting into place. The shade is kind of perfect – a  coral with flattering natural fleshy tones that just really lift your complexion. I applied it by swirling my finger around the blush (whilst avoiding messing up the pattern) and then patted it and blended  on to my cheekbones. It’s very easy to work with.

One last thing… it smells amazing!! Peach and pomegranate deliciousness but without being over the top – pleasant in every way. It is quite pricey at £23.50 but I think it will last and last and Benefit has become so covetable in the last year or so. In fact, it is now officially the number 1 selling premium makeup brand in the UK. Not bad Benefit! Majorette launches in September 2014.

Find current Benefit collections here.



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