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BECCA Champagne Pop UK Launch!

3 Dec 2015 (Updated: 21 Mar 2016)

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OK this is really very exciting news. The powder highlighter that has literally been creating the biggest buzz ever, and the one I ended paying over £50 for to get it shipped from the US, is coming to the UK very very soon. Get excited for the BECCA Champagne Pop UK launch! Yay!!


BECCA Champagne Pop UK Launch

Now I usually like cream highlighters as I always think that they look softer on my skin, however, BECCA Champagne Pop is so beautifully formulated that it creates a gorgeously flattering finish on my skin and you can go for a soft glow or really amp it up for high shine.

I also love to use it to set my cream highlight (currently the So Susan Statement Skin Stick) – it really amplifies the effect and makes it last much longer.

BECCA Champagne Pop UK Launch

Champagne Pop Features

  • Unique proprietary formula blends wet and dry pigments to ensure a balanced application every time
  • Liquid hydrators provide a crème-like finish that melts into skin
  • Paraben-free

If you haven’t heard of Jaclyn Hill, all you need to know that she is huge on YouTube for her makeup tutorials, and she created this special shade for BECCA which has literally taken the beauty world by storm. I have been wondering whether they will bring it to the UK and now all my hopes have been answered.

BECCA Champagne Pop UK Launch Info

BECCA Champagne Pop is now available in the UK and you can buy it exclusively online HERE



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