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Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

18 Nov 2015 (Updated: 7 Dec 2015)

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Bakel is an extremely interesting brand. The founder, Raffaella Gregoris,  is a genius – she’s a chemist and the commercial force behind the products. I met her yesterday and found what she had to say about skincare so compelling. There’s a whole blog post coming on her assertion that not all Hyaluronic Acid is good Hyaluronic Acid, but I am saving that for another day! Right now I want to tell you about the brand’s newest and brilliant launch, Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream. Here are the details!

Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

I absolutely love the Bakel approach to ingredients and packaging. The brand promise is that there is absolutely nothing included that doesn’t have a direct benefit on the skin. This means so fillers or aesthetic tweaking, just 100% active ingredients.

Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Ingredients

And the way they label up the ingredients is incredible. Each ingredient has a direct benefit, which is explained and so we understand why each one has been included.

Bakel Nutrieyes Ingredients

Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Ingredients

I love being able to see each element of the composition, why it’s there, what it does and where it came from. Things literally could not be more transparent.

Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Now what appealed most to be about Bakel Nutrieyes before even testing it is that it has been designed to treat the whole eye area, which includes the eyelids. I worry about eyelids – they usually get nothing, and then we wonder why they have suddenly dropped halfway down our faces!

Bakel Nutrieyes Features

  • Provides an intense nourishing and anti-ageing action
  • Combats dryness & wrinkles formation
  • Strengthens the tone of the eyelids
  • Revitalises the eye area
  • The eye area looks immediately more relaxed and bright
  • Can be used as a mask
  • Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • Gluten-free
Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

It uses a very delicate formulation which is super gentle on the eyes. My eyes are easily irritated if anything gets too near, but this causes no problems at all. The texture is beautiful. Really luxuriously creamy yet upon application it disappears into the skin.

Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Also note the colour. It is brown because of its vegetal components, and it hasn’t gone through any harmful chemical processes to pretty it up. It looks like it works!

I am only used this a few times so far as I have only just received it, but I’m an instant fan. It feels amazing upon application, sinks in immediately leaving smoother, more rested looking skin, and my foundation and concealer goes on top of it perfectly. I will try and update after a week or so.

Applying eye cream to my eyelids feels life changing!!!!

Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is £80 for 15ml. Find it HERE at Space NK.



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2 thoughts on “Bakel Nutrieyes Nourishing & Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

  1. This is a really great review and looks like a wonderful product! Just curious though, why would it matter if a facial product contains gluten or not? Is there a reason for this do you know that I’m missing? Surely the only people that this would matter to would be those with Coeliac disease who happen to like munching on face cream made of cereals??

    Sophie x

    1. Hiya – Dr Greoris says, “we do the gluten test just for who suffer of celiac disease, of course for who doesn’t have this problem it is not important.”

      As the skin is an organ, it absorbs what is put on it, so celiac sufferers should be as careful with skincare as they are with diet.


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