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Autumn Hair Colour at Trevor Sorbie

3 Oct 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I had such a lovely experience at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Covent Garden today when I went in for my Autumn colour change. I am always a bit confused about what I want colour-wise for my hair. My hair lightens up and looses lustre quite easily and whilst I always think I don’t like warm tones, I discovered today that isn’t actually the case. Having had a good chat with Lauren, one of Trevor Sorbie’s colour specialists, and flicked through some magazines together, we ended up with this.
Autumn Hair Colour at Trevor Sorbie
I absolutely love it!! Just as a little reminder of what it was like, here’s the before picture:
Hair Before
Once I had looked though some magazines with Lauren, I realised that, while I did want to go darker, I didn’t necessarily want to go darker from the roots to the ends in one block colour.
Autumn Hair Colour at Trevor Sorbie
Lauren began by creating darkness by adding in depth to the hair with 3 steps:
  •  a darker base colour at the roots
  • base colour blended down to mid lengths using a bat and freehand blending, broken up in places to create texture, separation and movement, and minimise re-growth line and maintenance
  • Add warmth to whole head without taking ends too dark
Autumn Hair Colour at Trevor Sorbie
I am so thrilled with the multi-tonal colour. It has completely covered my greys but at the same time looks so natural that it doesn’t have that ‘just dyed’ look that I hate.
I then had the most incredible blow dry – really the most incredible blow dry! Trevor Sorbie’s Davide literally systematically, small section by section, made my hair absolutely gorgeous. His attention to detail was like nothing I have seen before. Amazing.
Autumn Hair Colour at Trevor Sorbie

Autumn Hair Colour at Trevor Sorbie
I am one happy customer and I couldn’t recommend Trevor Sorbie more if you’re thinking about a colour change. The process with Lauren is consultative and intuitive and I am sure that you will come out with the colour you were looking for, even if you didn’t know it! 
And if it’s just a blow dry you’re after, then Davide is your man!
Find out more about the Trevor Sorbie Salon in Covent Garden HERE.
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