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5 Brow Mistakes That Could Be Destroying Your Brows

4 Feb 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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When it comes to beauty, these days it’s all about the brows. A perfectly arched and sculpted brow can transform a face, making you look pulled together and polished with just a quick swipe of brow gel and a few flicks of a pencil.

However, just as great brows can make you look fresher and more alert, bad brows can ruin your whole look. Here are five brow mistakes that could be ruining your brows.

1. Brow Mistakes – Over-plucking

brow mistakes

If you don’t have the time or the means to let a professional take care of your brow shape then plucking at home is the answer. Even if you do plan to go the DIY route we’d recommend getting a professional to sort out the shape for you, at least initially; you can then pluck out the stray hairs as they grow back. The old adage to never pluck above the brow still applies, as the upper brow defines the shape. Pluck from below and between the brows to remove straggly hairs, but remember, less is more, sometimes over-plucked brows don’t grow back. Rubis Tweezers are the best money can buy and can help you do a precise job.  If you’ve already gone too far and done the damage brows can re-grow but they may need a little help. Try Rapid Brow if yours need a helping hand.

Top Tip: Read our micro-blading review for a semi-permanent solution to perfect looking brows


2. Brow Mistakes – Over-Emphasising

brow mistakes

Although thicker brows are currently in fashion, brows look better when they look like they could be natural. The key to making your brows look darker without making them look too dense is to avoid getting the colour on your skin. For this reason, if you’re trying to darken your brows a brow mascara like Gimme Brow from Benefit that will just individually coat each hair could be your best bet. If you love a pencil then Anastasia Brow Wiz is great for creating an ultra natural effect. The fine tip allows you to create the impression of tiny hairs.

Top Tip: If you are using a pencil, try to think of it like a feather in your hand. Small, light sweeps will work best, and will leave you with a more natural finish.

3. Brow Mistakes – Picking The Wrong Colour

brow mistakes

When it comes to picking a colour for your brows the most important thing to remember is that eyebrows are almost never naturally warm. Warm brows look fake and upset the tones in the rest of your makeup. Instead, choose an ashy brown that doesn’t over-dominate your face.

Top Tip: If you hair is very blonde or grey, your brows don’t have to be. An ashy mid brown suits every hair colour and will bring your face to life even if your hair colour is very pale.

4. Brow Mistakes – Choosing The Wrong Shape

brow mistakes

If paying a professional to shape your brows is outside your budget then use the guide above to help you create a natural looking shape. Brow shape is key when it comes to great looking makeup- too thick and too low and you’ll end up looking tired and cross, too thin and too high and you’ll look permanently surprised and your face will look large and unbalanced. The aim is for a full, clean and precisely shaped looking pair of brows, although if you’re growing them back after over plucking then leave them straggly until they’ve recovered. Otherwise pluck from below the brow only just enough to clean the line and achieve the desired shape- if in doubt remember more is more. When it comes to shape, the front of the brow should align with the edge of the upper bridge of your nose. The peak of the arch should be roughly three quarters of the way along the brow, although be guided by your own eye shape.

Top Tip: Fill in your brows with pencil or powder before you start to pluck so you don’t go too far.

5. Brow Mistakes – Waxing Your Brows

brow mistakes

 It might be fine for professionals, but you should never, ever attempt to wax your own brows. The key to great brows is precision and subtle enhancement and brow wax is an imprecise affair that can easily go wrong. One slip of the hand and the damage you can do is enormous compared with a over-tweezing a few individual hairs. Instead, pluck hairs individually and step back from the mirror after every few hairs to make sure you are not removing too much.

Top Tip: Brow threading is a precise, inexpensive and relatively painless way to get great brows- choose someone with years of experience and ask friends with great brows for recommendations.

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