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Andrea Fulerton Peel Off Polish Review

10 Mar 2013 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Last night I painted my nails with the Andrea Fulerton Peel Off polish in Donna, just so I could peel it off this morning! The phrase ‘crazy beauty blogger’ springs to mind!
Andrea Fulerton Peel Off Polish Review – Donna
Donna is a really pretty pink – you just apply 2 thin coats (no need for a base according to the instructions) and you are ready to go. I didn’t bother with a top coat as the plan was to peel quite soon!
I was quite excited by the idea of actually being allowed to peel my polish off, but it wasn’t quite as much fun as I hoped!

Andrea Fulerton Peel Off Polish Review
Some bits peeled more easily than others and I don’t know whether it was the way I was doing it but I couldn’t help noticing little pieces of the top layer of my nail coming with it too. I stopped peeling here and am going to do the rest with nail polish remover.
My nails are prone to peeling, especially in the winter, and so I don’t think this product is really for me – although I have seen reviews where it has peeled off much more cleanly.
The benefits of this polish though are that it is solvent free (so great for pregnancy and younger beauty addicts), dries really quickly and you can actually get a great coverage with one good coat. 
I will use it again but I shan’t be peeling.
The Andrea Fulerton Peel Off Polish is actually on offer at Superdrug for £1.99 (usually £2.49) until 12th March 2013. I’d recommend it for a quick, safe manicure but not a peel off one!
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