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An Interview with Paris Hilton

20 May 2015

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Well this was mighty exciting! Last week, Paris Hilton was in town to launch her 18th fragrance celebrating her 10 years in the perfume industry. I had the opportunity to interview her and suddenly realised that it was definitely something that I wanted to do! As I travelled into town that morning, I had a really excitable sense that a dream that I never really knew I had, was about to come true!

Paris Hilton

It was quite bizarre. I mean, it has never been on my to do list to meet Paris Hilton, but meeting her was so surreal and also fantastical, that it really did seem like a dream coming true. Like I said, a dream I never knew I had!! And the most brilliant part is, she is genuinely one of the most likeable celebrities that I have had the pleasure of chatting to. Loads of eye contact, a sense of humour, a sense of having all the time in the world for me. It really was such an enjoyable experience.

Paris Hilton

She was sat there with her phone case pronouncing she was “The Queen of F****king Everything” yet she was personable, friendly, sweet and charming”. It was quite a refreshing revelation. She went round the room and systematically charmed the pants off of everyone. We all loved her!

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition 100ml Eau de Parfum

The day before, Paris had done a meet and greet in a Superdrug in Liverpool, and apparently she wouldn’t leave until she had met the very last person who had come to see her. There were hoards of people I’m told – and Paris made sure that not one of them went away disappointed. And I think that this ethic is the key to her success. She is most certainly prepared to put in the time to make everything work.

Paris Hilton The Interview

What do you think are the 3 most important things for creating a best-selling fragrance?

Well first it’s about the scent. You need a scent that people are going to love and be attracted to and that stands out. One that when a woman sprays it, they feel confident and sexy. Something guys will like obviously!

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition 100ml Eau de Parfum

And then second is the bottle because it’s an accessory. You can have it in your purse. You can have it up in your house – I display all my fragrances together and I think they look beautiful. This new one is my favourite. It’s beautiful – I love it.

And then the campaign. Something that’s fun.

I told her I loved the balloons and that she should travel with them everywhere. She laughed.

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition 100ml Eau de Parfum

Would you rather leave the house without fragrance or mascara?

When I’m working, I don’t wear any makeup at all. Unless I am doing an event, I love to wear no makeup at all, which is hardly ever as I am working every day! When I am off, that’s what I love to do.

So I’d always choose the fragrance. It’s such an important accessory. It can change your mood. And if you haven’t got mascara – then that’s what sunglasses are for!

How long does it take you to get ready for work? And how long for a party?

Um for work, like every day work, if I am going to the office, I would be like just very natural. But if I am doing a press event then it would probably take longer than when I go out at night. Because at night it’s just about putting on some eyelashes, lip gloss, bronzer, it’s more about the outfit I think.

You haven’t aged at all. Your skin is beautiful. What do you do?

Thank you. My mom always told me since I was a little girl, do not go in the sun and that was something I always listened to. All my girlfriends, through 13, 14, 15, 16, all they would do was just lay in Malibu, put all oil over their face. And now today, all of them have Botox, all this crap done to them, and I have never had one thing done in my life. And my mom and grandma have incredible skin. I am lucky. And I am obsessed with skincare and beauty products – eye cream, beauty serum, stems cells, I am really into all the moisturisers.

Have you got any female role models?

I love Victoria Beckham. I have loved her since I was a little girl and she was in the Spice Girls. I always thought she was the hottest one, the coolest one. Now she is such a style icon – so elegant and gorgeous. I just really admire her and what she’s done with her brand and become this really respected designer. I look up to women like that – really hardworking, determined, driven, and I see that in her. I love her.

Have you got any beauty tips for looking fresh and awake when you get off the plane?

I fly almost every day so I almost make sure to go on the plane with no makeup. Then when I get on the plane they bring the hot towels and I get 3 of them and really steam up my skin. And then I bring these masks with me that are either 24 karat gold or crushed diamonds. And I put it on with an eye mask and sleep. You are supposed to put it on for 20 minutes but I keep it on for as long as possible. If I go to Dubai I have one on for like 14 hours! When you take it off your skin is like insane … just glowing. It’s like a spa and it works!

Would you ever sleep in your makeup? What is your beauty routine?

No. My mom also told me that. I make sure everything is off and then I go through all my moisturisers. I like lots of steps. I’m not into oil but I just love stem cell serums, rosewater spray, and La Prairie – I love their products and Creme de la Mer. 

How do you look after your hair?

My hair is so damaged because I have to get it done so much. I have found a new conditioning treatment called Olaplex and it is so good. Like I just got my colour done and put it on. My hair looked so broke. It breaks off a lot so I just try and keep it looking good. That and Kerastase treatments. I tried putting mayonnaise on my hair which I didn’t like the smell of. So I am never doing that again! I have tried everything. 

After 10 years and 18 fragrances, what do you think the key to the success of it all is?

The product – a beautiful product and a beautiful bottle – but really the way I am with my fans. For the past 10 years I have had such large fan base, from little girls to their moms, sisters or grandmothers. Now the boys, their dads, like the men’s and women’s fragrances.

My boyfriend and I were addicted to the Simple Life. We loved it for different reasons I suppose. Will you ever so anything like that again?

I get offered every day. Everyone is telling me to do it but I am just so busy that I don’t have time. Every single day, different networks are coming to me with ideas but nothing really has interested me that much. I feel like I started that, I’ve been there, I did it and everything these days is fake. The Simple Life was so real.

And do you still say ‘That’s hot”?!

Yeah – that’s hot. 

And then we did a selfie. Which I called a thingy… and Paris joked ‘hashtag thingy’ and then moved us into a good light, took my phone, thrust out her long arm and proceeded to take a tonne of pictures so I could choose my favourite. Then she gave me a kiss and a hug…and I loved her. It was amazing. Like I said, a dream I never really knew I had coming true.

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition 100ml Eau de Parfum

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