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Aerin Rose Balm Review

28 Mar 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I wasn’t sure about the new Aerin Rose Balm when I first saw it. It apparently contains the extract from over 350 rose petals but it doesn’t really smell that much of roses, so I was a little disappointed. But I was lured in by the simple yet beautiful packaging and the promise of a seriously multi-tasking product (soothes, moisturises, plumps skin and can be used on eyes, lips, face and cuticles). Then they mentioned the magic word ‘radiance’! “The unique balm formula instantly adds a subtle, natural radiance that builds over time.” They had me!

Aerin Rose Balm Review

Aerin Rose Balm Review

So I have been using the Aerin Rose Balm quite a bit. I started mainly on the lips and it is really soothing  and moisturising and has rescued me from chapped lipped hell. More recently I have used it at night, after exfoliation, as an all over balm just to give my skin a real treat once or twice a week. I use what’s left on my hands. It sinks in slowly over night and I wake up with super smooth, hydrated skin. It is particularly good if my skin is irritated.

But my absolute favourite way to use it, is on top of my makeup to highlight my cheekbones. It gives such a natural looking, soft glow and I love it. Here’s a little before and after shot:

Aerin Rose Balm Review

It works really well because it is quite a hard balm and has good grip on the skin, so doesn’t slide around. I just lightly press it on and then pat it in and it just gives a gorgeous juicy finish. The best thing is that I have used it loads and yet have barely dented the surface. It’s going to last forever!!

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4 thoughts on “Aerin Rose Balm Review

  1. Have you tried by Terry Baume de Rose? If so, how would you compare the two? How is texture of Aerin Balm? Waxy and hard or soft and nourishing feeling?

    1. this one is much harder than the By Terry but still very nourishing. You have to work a bit harder with this one I’d say. The Aerin lip balm in a tube is beautiful and soft xxx

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