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4U2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Collection Review

28 Oct 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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4U2 Cosmetics is a fairly new brand to the UK and it’s still pretty fairly difficult to get hold of although they are already very popular in the States. I’m told they are launching properly in the UK soon but I don’t have any dates at this moment in time. However, the products I want to tell you about are their 4U2 Lipaholic lipsticks.

4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks

They have 13 lipsticks in the collection, ranging from nudes to reds and from brights to neutrals.

My initial impressions weren’t 100% positive, I’ll admit. This was because the packaging looks fairly cheap; a simple black bullet and a clear plastic lid. It doesn’t exactly scream luxury quality which is perhaps to be expected given that this is a budget beauty brand.

4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks shades
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks shades

Another issue is that I’m not a fan of the fragrance of these lipsticks. It reminded me of children’s makeup or the lipsticks you used to get in makeup sets from Argos. Because of these issues I put off trying them for a while, however, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised when I did.

4U2 2

They are very creamy and apply nicely to the lips. They feel nice, not drying or clingy; I was surprised by how hydrating they were.

4U2 3

As I’ve mentioned, the fragrance isn’t really to my taste and you can definitely smell it on your lips but it isn’t the end of the world. The longevity of these surprised me the most, they actually last several hours. One lasted right up until 12:30 when it was applied at 7:20am – even after eating lunch!

The shades have numbers instead of names but don’t really follow any order.

I’ll explain each shade and there are swatches below:

  •  01 is a pale coral nude
  • 02 is an orange nude (one of my favourites and I didn’t think I would like it)
  •  03 is a classic pinky nude
  •  04 is a bright orange coral
  • 05 is a dark, berry brown shade
  • 06 is a coral red shade.


4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Swatches
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Swatches
  • 07 is a more orangey red shade (this one follows on quite nicely from 06)
  • 08 is a true red
  •  09 is a blue toned red (my favourite shade of red)
  • 10 is a bright purple (perfect for winter)
  • 11 goes back to more nude shades with a browny pink nude
  • 12 is a less browny nude (a your lips but better shade)
  • 13 is a caramel brown shade which I personally won’t be wearing.
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Swatches Pt 2
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Swatches Pt 2

As you can see the colours jump all over the place but the shades are actually really nice.

Again, I’m not clear on the price but I wouldn’t expect these to cost more than £5.

They would make a great addition to a new makeup wearer’s makeup bag. I also think they would be good for new makeup artists who want a selection of lipstick shades without spending ridiculous amounts of money.

4U2 cosmetics aren’t yet available in the UK but as soon as they are I’ll update you on where to find them. In the meantime, if you love budget lipsticks why not try these NYX lipsticks.

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