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Zumba Fitness at Home

9 Oct 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Zumba Fitness DVD Kit
Right, hopefully you all know about ReeFit – my mission to get myself back into tip top shape. A massive part of ReeFit is exercise.
I have joined Virgin Active and have been going to classes and using the gym, but for times when I am not able to get there, I have been trying out this home Zumba kit. To see it up close and personal, check out my ReeFit part 2 video.
It’s a really great kit with plenty of variety and loads of information including a book to structure your workouts and a meal planner.
The kit I have includes:
  • Zumba Basics & 20-Minute Express
  • Zumba Sculpt & Tone
  • Zumba Cardio Party
  • Zumba Total Body Transformation Guide
  • Zumba LIVE! & Flat Abs DVD Workouts
  • Two Zumba Toning Sticks 
The basics section is excellent and really sets you up for success. Working out the steps is fairly make or break, and this makes it really easy. You then have such an amazing choice of workouts that you could literally choose something different each day of the week.
I have done the 20 minute express which got me working hard without even realising, the Sculpt and Tone with the toning sticks, and the Abs workout. They’re really fun and entertaining so that you don’t realise you’re working, but they definitely got me sweating – always good! The toning sticks are filled with sand and help intensify the workout.
I really love the videos and I’ll be doing them whenever I can’t get to the gym to live up to my ReeFit promise! Also I think doing these workouts may have given me the confidence to go to an actual Zumba class at Virgin Active. Watch this space!!
The kit costs £49.98 and you can buy it here.

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