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Zoeva Cream Eyeliner Review & Swatches – New Shades

26 Apr 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I absolutely love Zoeva! It started with the brushes (I’ve never come across one I don’t love) and now it’s moving on to the makeup. I have 3 eyeshadow palettes that I adore, Rose Golden being my fave, and these little pots of liner are beyond brilliant. Check out the brand new and very gorgeous shades of  Zoeva Cream Eyeliner.

Zoeva Cream Eyeliner New Shades
Zoeva Cream Eyeliner New Shades

So, basically, Zoeva have completely and utterly nailed this formula. And you know what?! They are so affordable – the Zoeva cream liners are only a fiver!

Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – New Shades

So we have 3 new colours:

  • Baroque
  • After Hours
  • Magic Moment

They are completely stunning. You can use them with a liner brush for along the lash line(s) or all over the lid as the most un-moveable base for eyeshadow. Once they are set, they literally do not budge a millimeter. In my latest beauty news video I try to rub them off and they just won’t move!! Make sure you are subscribed HERE so you don’t miss it!

Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – New Shade Swatches

Zoeva Cream Eyeliner New Shades Swatches


Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – Baroque
Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – Baroque Swatch

After Hours:

Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – After Hours
Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – After Hours Swatch

Magic Moment:

Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – Magic Moment
Zoeva Cream Eyeliner – Magic Moment Swatch

It is easy to see how good these are, and as I said, they literally do not move once they are set. They even stayed put on the very tips of my fingers and I had to scrub the colour off! If you ask for waterproof, then you really need waterproof, and the Zoeva Cream Eyeliners really do deliver on that front. Not to mention that the shades are simply beautiful!

So! My love affair with Zoeva continues. So far there has been nothing I haven’t loved, which actually starts to make me worry! What if I hate the next launch? No! Never! Well I suppose we will see! And to be fair, if I do hate it, then you won’t see it here… I’m a lover not a fighter…

I am now talking rubbish so it is definitely time to stop! The new Zoeva Cream Eyeliner shades launch May 2015. Find Zoeva HERE.



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