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Zoeva Black Box Review

13 Aug 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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When it comes to makeup, colours and products go in and out of fashion on a daily basis, but for me eyeliner will never go out of style. Nothing makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and more lifted than a flick of the black stuff. And if you’re as obsessed with eyeliner as I am, then you’re in for a treat. Zoeva have bought out the new Zoeva black box – a quartet of four amazingly pigmented eyeliners in one iconic shade, black. Although all the eyeliners are back, they’re also very different.

Zoeva Black Box

Calli Graphic Black Liquid Eyeliner

Let’s start with the Calli Graphic Black Liquid Eyeliner  – inspired by classic calligraphy, this liquid eyeliner promises to achieve pitch black definition – and it does!

Zoeva Calli Graphic Liquid EyelinerIt’s so easy to use and the well pigmented formula gives an intense matte black line. Also, as it has a fine and flexible tip, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Soft Kohl Noir

Zoeva Soft Kohl Eyeliner

Next up is the Soft Kohl Noir – as an essential in every makeup bag, this eyeliner has been especially designed for effortlessly floating along the inner rim of the waterline. It creates instant drama and defines your eyes perfectly with its long-lasting formula.

Cat Eye Pen Longlasting Stylo Liner in Blackest Black

Zoeva Cat Eye Pen Longlasting Stylo Liner

Next is the Cat Eye Pen Longlasting Stylo Liner in Blackest Black – with its long-lasting formula and superfine and flexible brush tip, this liner provides smooth, easy and precise application. You can the tip to create a delicate classic fine line or use it to create dramatic bold stokes.

Graphic Eyes + Black to Earth Waterproof Eyeliner

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

And lastly the Graphic Eyes + Black to Earth Waterproof Eyeliner – this powerfully pigmented and waterproof eyeliner pencil combines the smoothness of a liquid liner with the ease of a traditional eyeliner pen. Plus with its waterproof formula, this eyeliner is easy to blend and stays in place all day.

Zoeva Black Box Swatches:

Zoeva Black Box 2
Left to right: Calli Graphic Liquid Eyeliner, Soft Kohl Eyeliner, Cat Eye Pen Longlasting Stylo Liner and Graphic Eyes + Waterproof Eyeliner.

Although the eyeliners are all different, I know I will use all four depending on the kind of look I’m creating. The Calli Graphic Liquid Eyeliner and Cat Eye Pen will come out for the big dramatic cat eye looks. Whereas the Soft Kohl and Graphic Eyes + will be for more of an everyday look.

The Zoeva Black Box sells out fast so you might have to check a couple of places to find it. I’ve seen it in stock here and here lately. Good luck! 

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