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Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set Review

13 Mar 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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So here I am still obsessing over the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol 2 brush collection when this arrives! Zoeva can absolutely do no wrong right now! Here’s a very lovely look at the Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set.

Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set Review

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set features:

So this is a collection of 8 vegan brushes which are all made from three renewable materials:

  • Soft vegan taklon hair
  • Bamboo wooden handles
  • Gold coloured aluminium ferrules

They have all been handcrafted to the highest standards to ensure you can apply your powders and paints simply and flawlessly.

Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set contents

103 Defined Buffer:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 103 Defined Buffer

105 Highlight:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 105 Highlight

109 Face Paint:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 109 Face Paint

128 Cream Cheek:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 128 Cream Cheek

142 Concealer Buffer:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 142 Concealer Buffer

227 Soft Definer:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 227 Soft Definer

232 Classic Shader:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 232 Classic Shader

317 Wing Liner:

Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 317 Winged Liner

Cardboard box brush holder:

Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set Holder

Bamboo Brush Clutch Large:

Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set Clutch

And you get all of that gorgeousness for £55!!! And you know what? I have never tried a Zoeva brush that I haven’t liked! They’re just brilliant.

What’s really lovely about this collection is that because they are all handcrafted using natural materials, each brush will show differences in texture and colour, making them all beautifully unique.

The Zoeva Bamboo Vol 2 Brush Set is £55 and launches on 30th March 2015 at Zoeva online.



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