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Zara Home The Perfume Collection Launch

17 Jan 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under but I had no idea there was such a thing as ‘Zara Home’ (it’s actually been around since 2003)! So when I heard they existed AND they’ve released Zara Home The Perfume Collection, I was pretty over excited. Zara say that our home is a true expression of ourselves – designed to reflect our distinct style, memories and spirit. Our homes are often filled with memories and events, which are carved in our memory to stay forever.

Zara Home The Perfume Collection
Zara Home The Perfume Collection

Zara Home The Perfume Collection has been exquisitely designed to bottle six different experiences. Each of the perfumes share different notes, to bring us back to six different moments in time.

Zara Home have years of experience in the world of home fragrance, so it was only natural that the next step forward would be personal scent. The six new perfumes are all designed to be unisex – offering  fragrances to evoke everything from casual, carefree days, to mysterious moments. They hope that each of the perfumes will bring us a different memory and create something to treasure.

The perfume project was ambitious and was undertaken by internationally renowned perfume designers. Alberto Morillas (creator of Aqua Bergamota and Evitorial Twist) and Jerome Epinette (creator of Tonka Wood, Floral Mystery, Absolutely Sublime and Cuir Velvet) were involved. The fragrances have been brought to life by art director Fabien Baron.

Zara Home The Perfume Collection

Let’s take a closer look at the fragrances, I have four of the six here to show you.

All of the fragrances arrive boxed in packaging decorated with the same colours as the bottles inside. You lift up the lid of the box to find the fragrance sitting on a little podium.

The bottles are round, each with coloured glass which reflects the mood of the scent. Each has a colour coordinated label, which is delicately finished with a light black font. The bottles are topped with a satisfying metallic lid, which snaps shut after spritzing.

Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Tonka Wood

Zara Home The Perfume Collection
Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Tonka Wood

Tonka Wood is my personal favourite out of all the perfumes I have here. It’s a very gentle, feminine scent, designed to represent ‘the gentle breeze through a curtain’ or a ‘silk garment on a leather chair’. It’s a very pretty subtle scent. The top notes include Bergamot, Lemon and Blackcurrant, the heart notes include Midnight violet and Lily of the valley, and the base notes include Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Praline Flower.

Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Absolutely Sublime

Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Absolutely Sublime

Absolutely Sublime to me is more of a masculine scent. Zara Home say it’s been designed to reflect the morning time. It was created with daybreak in mind as ‘the sun bursts boldly over the horizon. It’s a fragrance full of life and soul, designed to get you up and going in the morning. The top notes include Bergamot and Mate, the heart notes include Violet and Black Tea, the base notes include Brown sugar and Guaiacum Wood.

Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Aqua Bergamota

Zara Home The Perfume Collection
Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Aqua Bergamota

Aqua Bergmota is an absolutely gorgeous scent, but for me it’s more something I’d spritz in the home than on my body. It’s incredibly fresh and fruity, the citrus notes really shine through this. Zara Home say it’s been designed to reflect ‘Fresh, clean sheets’ and a ‘mountain of fluffy pillows’ – and I can completely see where they were going with it. The top notes include Green Bergamot, Tangerine aroma and Primofiore Lemon, the heart notes include Neroli and Blackcurrant, the base notes include Pamplewood.

Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Cuir Velvet

Zara Home The Perfume Collection
Zara Home The Perfume Collection – Cuir Velvet

The last fragrance I have to show you is Cuir Velvet, which is packaged in a black bottle! I personally think this is another very masculine fragrance, it’s designed to be a night-time scent. Zara Home say it’s described as ‘smoky musical notes, deep laughter and the clinking of ice in a glass’ (I absolutely adore these scent descriptions). The top notes include Lemon, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper, the heart notes include Geranium, Provence Lavender and Elemi, the base notes include Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood and Marine Chords.

I think this is such a lovely collection of scents and it feels so premium. Everything seems so well designed and you can tell that so much thought has gone into each bottle. All the Zara Home fragrances are available now, priced at £29.99 each for 100ml. You can find the Zara Home Perfume Collection here

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