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YSL Full Metal Shadow Review & Swatches

9 May 2015 (Updated: 19 May 2015)

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So here is the eye element of the brand new YSL Summer Splash 2015 collection – check out YSL Full Metal Shadow. YSL are calling this an electrifying mix and match! See the swatches here.

YSL Full Metal Shadow Review

So there are shiny liquid eyeshadows that boast ‘vibrant, metallised reflections’. Sound interesting don’t they?

YSL Full Metal Shadow Review

YSL Full Metal Shadow Features

  • 16 hour lasting colour
  • 30% high concentration of pigments & pearls
  • 40% pure water based solution
  • Ultra glossy, cool metallic sheen
  • Liquid to powder formula
  • Fresh sensation
  • Unique applicator
YSL Full Metal Shadow Review

The applicator is shaped to follow the rounded contours of the eye. The flocked material has been designed to absorb the right quantity of product and then allows it to be comfortably applied directly on to the eye lid.

YSL Full Metal Shadow Review

YSL Full Metal Shadow Shades

YSL Full Metal Shadow Review
  • 1 Grey Splash – steel grey
  • 2 Eau d’Argent – white metal
  • 3 Taupe Drop – deep taupe
  • 4 Onde Sable – shimmering sand
  • 5 Steamy Coral – fresh coral
  • 6 Pink Cascade – petal pink
  • 7 Aquatic Copper – shiny copper
  • 8 Dewy Gold – shimmering gold
  • 9 Misty Green – green shimmer
  • 10 Wet Blue – ocean blue

This is a really interesting formula technology wise, however, in the 2 shades I have, the pigmentation seems fairly sheer.

YSL Full Metal Shadow Swatches

4 Onde Sable:

YSL Full Metal Shadow Swatch – 4 Onde Sable

9 Misty Green:

YSL Full Metal Shadow Swatch – 9 Misty Green

The finish is a fine, metallic film that adheres to the lids for long lasting wear. A strong colour finish is promised, however, this doesn’t seem overly evident in the shades that I have as I said – 4 Onde Sable and 9 Misty Green. It could be that they don’t swatch particularly well, as the coverage on my arm appears pretty sheer.

Sorry for these weird one-eye’d pics. Eyelids are very hard to photograph, I find!

YSL Full Metal Shadow Swatch – 4 Onde Sable
YSL Full Metal Shadow Swatch – 4 Onde Sable

I think these may come into their own on the lids though, because I tried the gold shade and it is incredibly pretty with a beautiful luminous metallic finish – nothing too garish and very skin flattering in terms of texture. Anyone expecting these to deliver power swatches will be disappointed I fear.

Personally, I am loving the gold shade Onde Sable – a perfect everyday shade with nothing too shimmery, just a soft pretty glow. It isn’t a power shadow by any means though.

YSL Full Metal Shadow launches 27th May 2015. They are £21. You can find YSL makeup at Boots.



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