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Winter Skin Saver DIY Facial

8 Nov 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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As we wrap up in our woollen layers, crank up that central heating and vow never to leave the comfort of our cosy homes until spring re-emerges, save a thought for our poor, parched skin.


Yes, as comforting as it is to set up camp next to your radiator after a blustery commute, what we tend to forget is the havoc it can cause to our complexion. Exposing our delicate facial skin to extreme cold, wind and rain before warming up in front of a fire can cause increased dryness and sensitivity. The cure? Treat yourself to a weekly DIY facial!

Winter Skin Saver Step 1 – Cleanse


Ensure you cleanse your skin twice a day using a purifying cleanser, massaging into skin using clean hands. Pay extra attention to the areas which can become congested such as the nose, forehead and chin. Rinse away or remove with cotton pads, sweeping outwards. Need a budget purifying cleanser? Try this one.

Winter Skin Saver Step 2 – Exfoliate


Unclog pores and slough away a build up of dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator. There is a wide selection of exfoliators on the market, some featuring fruit acids which feel silky, whilst others may contain beads and feel grainy. It is important you choose the right one for your skin type. Massage into damp skin for 2 minutes, ensuring you avoid the delicate eye area, before rinsing away and patting skin dry.

Winter Skin Saver Step 3 – Nourish


Now it’s time to treat skin to a hydrating, nourishing mask whilst you pop your feet up for 20. Smooth your chosen mask over forehead, cheeks, down the nose and across the chin, avoiding the eye and nasal area. For skin suffering from dryness, avoid clay based or peel off masks. Rinse away and gently pat skin dry. Find a hydrating mask here

Winter Skin Saver Step 4 – Massage


Using your usual day or night cream become your own therapist, and give your skin a little massage. Use long sweeping movements working upwards and outwards. Starting at the base of neck, before moving up onto the chin, nose and cheeks and finally, sweep across the forehead.

Winter Skin Saver Step 5 – Hydrate


To keep up your good work, make sure you drink plenty of water. In winter we tend to drink less fluid, which can cause dehydration to our skin too.

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