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Wedding Beauty: 10 Top Tips To The Perfect Fake Tan

3 Apr 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Wedding beauty fake tan

Whilst many brides deliberate for hours on their bridal make up, scanning endless magazines and trialling and re-trialling the perfect look for their big day, fake tanning, for those who want a tanned look, is often an afterthought, left to the final days before the wedding to organise.

These fake tan tips will help make sure that if you decide to tan for your wedding you look gently sun kissed and beautiful:

  1. Use A Sunscreen

    bridal beauty tan sun creamNatural tans carry dangers of skin cancer and whilst a tan might look lovely, tan lines that clash with the neckline of your dress won’t. Cover up in the months before your wedding and wear high factor sunscreen.

  2. Pale Is Beautifulbridal beauty fake tan

    Remember pale skin looks lovely too– fake tan is not compulsory! If you do decide to use fake tan think of it as makeup for all of your skin and plan it as carefully as you would any other makeup. As a general rule, less fake tan is definitely more. If in doubt, go lighter.

  3. A Light Tan Looks Best

    Bridal Beauty Fake TanJust as you want your wedding hair, make up and dress to be classic enough that you won’t look back at your wedding pictures and cringe, the same applies for your fake tan. Tanning trends come and go, a deep, mahogany tan may date your pictures in the future. A light tan just a couple of shades darker than your own skin looks best.

  4. Go Professional

    Bridal Beauty Spray TanConsider a professional spray tan rather than a self-tanner you apply at home if you have the budget. Spray tans generally give a more even, natural looking coverage than those you apply to the skin and rub in. Trial several versions before your big day- making sure they look natural, even and that you know how long they will last, so you can plan not just the colour but when to apply the tan too.

  5. Stick To What You Know

    If you’ve forgotten to plan your tan, don’t apply a new brand of tan or use a new technician in the days before your wedding – fake tanning disasters are notoriously difficult to correct and you won’t have time to let it wear off. Stick to a tan you already know and have used.

  6. Practise Makes Perfect

    Bridal Beauty MittIf you don’t have the budget for a spray tan, buy a mitt and a few brands of tan and practise your self-tan regularly until you’re sure you have your streak free technique down pat. Many brides like to use a gradual tanner to minimize the chance of mistakes. St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan is a great option

  7. Preparation is Everything 

    Bridal Beauty ExfoliateStart preparing your skin early. Exfoliate your skin and moisturise regularly in the months before your wedding so your tan has a really good base to adhere to, but don’t moisturise on the day of the spray tan itself unless your technician has advised you to. Tan sticks better to clean, exfoliated, dry skin.

  8. Wax In Advance

    Bridal Beauty Waxing Before Fake TanMake sure all waxing is completed at least 24 hours before you get your final tan as you need to leave time for the pores to close. Pores that are more tanned than the rest of your skin are never a good look!

  9. Brush Your Teeth

    Bridal Beauty Fake Tan TipsBrush your teeth before you tan so you can avoid wetting the skin around your mouth in the hours after your tan is applied. Similarly, be careful what you wear to the tanning salon- tight fitting clothes can rub the tan off. Let the tan dry before dressing and do your best to avoid tight bra straps, waistbands and shoes that rub. 

  10. Moisturise!

    Bridal Beauty MoisturiseOnce you are wearing your perfect tan, take cool showers, pat the skin dry gently and moisturise each day to prolong it, including on the morning of your wedding day. Then relax and enjoy your day!

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