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Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil And Gellee Cleanser

13 May 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Vivderma is a British based skincare brand. Founded by Dr Hadi Abushaira they are a clinically inspired luxury skincare brand. Dr Hadi draws upon over 30 years of expertise to help treat skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and ageing skin. Dr Hadi holds many many accolades and honours from some of the most prestigious and respected medical institutions and boards. Therefore given the opportunity to try a range with such a heritage I was quick to jump at the chance!

I was sent two products from the range to try. The Vivderma Comforting Gellee Cleanser and the Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil. All the products in the Vivderma range are crafted using powerful active ingredients that have the unique blends needed to mimic healthy skin, allowing all the ingredients to penetrate each layer of the skin.

Vivderma Comforting Gellee Cleanser

Vivderma Comforting Gellee Cleanser Packaging

Vivderma Comforting Gellee Cleanser is unlike any cleanser I’ve tried before and I’ve tried all manner of cleansing oils, balms, creams and washes. The consistency of the Gellee cleanser can only be described as honey like.

You remove a small amount of product and rub the gel onto skin for one minute. You then add a small amount of water and continue massaging until you see the gel transform in front of your eyes into a luxurious milk. I used a muslin cloth to remove due to a recent nose piercing that I have to be careful around, you can just wash off as well.

Vivderma Gellee Cleanser consistency

Vitamin C, E and argan oil provide lasting hydration and the blend of essential oils provide a luxury spa feeling as you massage  the product in. I used it to remove my make up and I felt a little warmth to my skin, not unpleasant but unexpected. I found when I did my second cleanse my skin was already completely make up free which was surprising.

All in all I loved the Gellee Cleanser but removing it from the container due to it’s sticky nature was a bit of a balancing act, a different delivery system would possibly ensure less waste and prove a little more hygienic as I felt I had to wash my hands prior to use to keep the remaining cleanser sanitary. Find it here

Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil

Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil
Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil Packaging

The Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil is one of five oils available in the range. Designed to be used after cleanser at night this is actually a fairly lightweight oil. It contains Moroccan Argan oil as well as Rosehip oil to help improve skin tone, luminosity and prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. As with all Vivderma products it’s designed to penetrate all layers of the skin.

I used after the Gellee cleanser and I used two pumps. I always use more product than needed, and found I had enough product to take onto my neck and chest area. The oil had the same luxurious scent of the cleanser and was very easily absorbed. There was no sticky residue or time spent waiting for it to sink in. This doesn’t mean it didn’t hydrate though as it did, I woke up the morning after my first use and could have almost skipped moisturiser. Find it here

Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil
Vivderma Perfecting Facial Oil

After using the Gellee Cleanser and Perfecting Facial Oil for almost two weeks now I can see the start of some positive changes to my skin tone and neck in particular. I’m interested to see the long term changes to my skin.

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