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The Viktor & Rolf Enchanted Flowerbomb Garden at Selfridges

9 Dec 2013 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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On Friday I had the most delightful experience in Selfridges with a little trip to the Viktor & Rolf Enchanted Flowerbomb Garden, one of the most beautiful installations I have seen.
The Viktor & Rolf Enchanted Flowerbomb Garden at Selfridges
The Enchanted Flowerbomb Garden is what can only be described as an artful explosion of 25,000 pink flowers making up the prettiest maze ever. Each flower has been individually assembled by hand and they are beautifully peppered with the Flowerbomb embossed sealing wax design throughout the maze.
The fragrance is diffused into the Enchanted Flowerbomb Garden and whilst you’re there you can have a photo taken as a momento of the experience. There is also the opportunity to win an exclusive Viktor & Rolf handbag by registering on to the select Secret Service (
For a limited time, you can buy the Limited Edition Flowerbomb Fairytale Edition at Selfridges exclusively. It is adorned with the Flowerbomb Fairytale story:

‘She arrived home. The house smelt different. ‘Has he bought me flowers?’ she thought with a smile. But she saw no flowers. She walked upstairs; it smelled of lilies and freesias and roses… ‘Has he bought me perfume?’, she wondered. But there were no new perfume bottles in her bathroom. Then she felt a sudden gust of wind and turned around. Was she dreaming? A pink explosion clouded over the bed covering it in flowers. ‘I am Flowerbomb’, it whispered, ‘your perfect gift…’

Visit the Enchanted Flowerbomb Garden now at Selfridges London until 12th December 2013 and Selfridges Manchester from the 12th to 24th December 2013.

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