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Verso Anti-Pollution Mist – An Innovative Skincare Essential

24 Jul 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Pollution levels in London have recently been deemed as dangerously high, and this can not only potentially affect our respiratory system – but can have detrimental effects on our skin too. Over longer periods of time, the contaminants in our air can cause break-outs, dehydration, irritation and even premature ageing of the skin.

Verso Anti-Pollution Mist
Verso Anti-Pollution Mist

It’s no wonder anti-pollution mists have been introduced onto the skincare market! As much as we need to protect from the dangers of too much sun by using SPF – the dangers of pollutant damage to the skin are just as real.

I have been trialling the Verso Anti-Pollution Mist, which claims to prevent premature ageing caused by pollution. The spray will restore skin’s natural PH balance, using a metal binding polymer which is a powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals.

Verso Anti-Pollution Mist
Verso Anti-Pollution Mist

Verso’s presentation of products is high class – items are always monochrome and classically styled. The anti-pollution spray comes in a heavy metal bottle, giving the impression the brand carries as much weight as the bottle.

The mist has an almost neutral smell, and upon initial application feels hydrating to the skin. After my first day using it, I must say I couldn’t notice any visible difference. However, much like the effects of pollution – it’s evidently something that will be more apparent long term. Of course, it is almost impossible to say whether it does prevent wrinkles; but I did find over the course of four days it helped to prevent breakouts. I applied before my make-up and moisturiser, a couple of spritzes provided a moisturised and smooth base.

Overall I really liked the spray; it’s refreshing to apply daily before make-up. It also gives you subconscious confidence that pollution is not going to ruin your skin. Deffo a worthy investment – think of the future for your skin! This product will launch August 12th. Find Verso here.


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