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Velvotan Tanning Mitt Review

10 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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After I was able to banish my fake tan demons with the Xen-Tan Moroccan Ultra I’ve found myself quite liking having that golden glow. Let’s be honest, with the great British Summer as it is I’m not going to get golden any other way. So I was happy to discover the Velvotan Tanning Mitt as a way to get a smoother, easier application. 

Velvotan Tanning Mitt Review
Velvotan Tanning Mitt- Original & Deluxe Double Sided Mitt

Velvotan is a company endorsed by the UK’s leading health and beauty retailers and top self tanning brands. They kindly sent me two of their signature products to review.

Velvotan Tanning Mitt – Original

Velvotan Tanning Mitt Original
Velvotan Tanning Mitt- Orginal

Firstly, we have the Velvotan Original Tanning Mitt. This is similar to the Xen-Tan mitt in design so I used this with the Moroccan Ultra. It was much easier to see the amount of product on the mitt due to its lighter colour compared with the Xen-Tan version. This meant I was able to apply a more even amount of product to each leg and it gave a lovely, even, streak free finish.

The features of the Velvotan Original Tanning Mitt are:

  • Special applicator surface for a streak free finish
  • Waterproof barrier to prevent staining of hands (important!)
  • Can be used with any self tan product
  • Machine washable up to 40 degrees Celsius

Velvotan Tanning Mitt- Deluxe Double Sided Version

Velvotan Tanning Mitt- velvotan double sided
Velvotan Tanning Mitt – Velvotan Deluxe Double Sided Mitt

Second was the Velvotan Deluxe Double Sided Mitt.

Described as “The ultimate mitt for the ultimate tan- with two sides of luxuriously soft flock that lasts twice as long with double the control and stain protection.”

This, for me, is the Rolls Royce of mitts. I felt the sheer fabric side of the other mitt felt a little too fine and I’ve been worried about it tearing or staining my hands. This mitt is exactly the same thickness on each side which means you feel extra protected against unwanted staining compared to single sided mitts.

I actually used one side to apply the product and the other as a buffing side. After applying the tan I buffed over my knees and ankles with the clean side to help remove excess product. This meant I had an even more natural finish without that tell-tale shadowing I often get in those areas.

I would happily purchase this again as I feel it seems like it’s worth paying a little bit more for longevity and peace of mind against staining.

Both mitts can also be used with gradual tanners or to apply any other body products. I rinsed both mitts after use under the tap but did then pop them into the washing machine. Both mitts emerged unscathed and dried very quickly in the airing cupboard. 

You can find the Velvotan Original Tanning Mitt to order online for £2 here and the Velvotan Deluxe Double Sided Mitt for £5 here

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