Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch Review
By Ree

Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch Review

9 Jun 2016 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I love me some stick on nails because not only are they the quickest route to a flawless looking manicure, but you can change everything with them from colour, shape, length and wow factor without actually having to really touch your natural nail. And if you like something a bit glamorous and glitzy, then I have found some that will seriously tick those boxes.  Check out these Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch.

vegas nay nails
Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch

Vegas Nay is a makeup artist, social media influencer and serious Glamazon. She is huge on instagram and the account is amazing if you just want to distract yourself with photos of amazing makeup and nails. I am loving this hook up with Elegant Touch as it brings instaglam right to your … hands!

Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch Collection

vegas nay nails
Drinks at Dawn by Vegas Nay & Elegant Touch

There are three different styles in this range:

  • Drinks at Dawn – baby pink with soft glitter
  • Red Carpet Ready – classic rich red adorned with gems in a stiletto shape
  • The Night Before – nude with sparkle and gems in a stiletto shape
vegas nay nails
The Nught Before by Vegas Nay & Elegant Touch

I never grow my nails long, mainly because they don’t want to be long, and also because it’s much easier for PC work, which is why stick-ons like these are so good for a change, and there’s really no commitment at all.

vegas nay nails
Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch

Considering that I am not really going anywhere glam, I should probably choose Drinks at Dawn but the ones with gems were really calling me!!

Vegas Nay Nails – Red Carpet Ready

I can’t type in these at all, but hey, something has got to give!

vegas nay nails
Red Carpet Ready by Vegas Nay & Elegant Touch

Each set comes with glue but I much prefer using the adhesive tabs that Elegant Touch sell separately. There’s no mess with glue and they are really kind to nails. If you get them on right, they can last 7 days or so.

vegas nay nails
Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Tabs

The Vegas Nay Nails by Elegant Touch collection is here.

I also adore the House of Holland range which you can order online HERE.



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