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UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems

1 Nov 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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My hair’s been very temperamental lately. I attempted to tame it with a trim, but it still refused to do what I wanted it to so I pinned it up and forgot about it. My scalp was itchy too – perhaps reflecting my irritation at returning from holiday and getting back to the daily grind. So I decided to go back to basics and breathe some new life into it with some new products from award-winning haircare brand UNITE. Their UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems are created by hairdressers, using quality ingredients.

UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems
UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems – Lazer Straight

UNITE’s products are sulphate and paraben free, meaning they’re mild, weightless and won’t irritate the skin. They’re also ideal for people with coloured hair or extensions. Moringa seed extract and botanisil will lock in colour and protect from heat styling. And they’re vegan friendly and PETA certified, so you can pamper yourself safe in the knowledge your haircare is completely cruelty free.

Following the popularity of its most coveted styling products, LAZER STRAIGHT Relaxing Fluid and BOOSTA Volumizing Spray, UNITE has launched two new shampoo/conditioner duos to match.

UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems – Lazer Straight Duo

UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems
UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems – Lazer Straight

First up was the LAZER STRAIGHT duo. Containing sunflower seed extract, sugar cane and oils from the arganil spinosa tree, it promises to defeat and control curls, tangles and frizz.  It smells delicious too, especially once it lathers up; like toffee apples! I took it on holiday as I wanted to put its frizz-fighting claims to the test in a humid climate, and I wasn’t disappointed. It left my hair looking smooth and sleek, even without straighteners. Even though I forgot to bring any serum with me, this duo alone kept the flyaways under control.

UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems – Boosta

UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems
UNITE Volumising And Smoothing Systems – Boosta

BOOSTA aims to build body with weightless volume, leaving a healthy sheen; quite a challenge for my fine and sometimes dull hair. It contains fatty acids from coconut oil and shea tree fruit, along with provitamin B and green tea extract to provide extra body.  As a blonde it’s rare for a shampoo to leave me with much shine, but this duo helped it reflect the light beautifully. It also added lots of extra volume at the roots and no sign of the itchy scalp which had plagued me before.

I was particularly impressed with the formulation of these conditioners.  They are sticky and grip every hair, meaning you can get really good coverage and can work it through your lengths without it slipping down the plughole.

These retail for around £18 each: which is definitely worth it if your hair needs a pick-me-up.

You can check out UNITE haircare here.

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