Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum & Gold 9 Eau de Parfum Review
By Ree

Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum & Gold 9 Eau de Parfum Review

2 Jun 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Trish McEvoy is back together with her fragrance muse and long time friend Master Perfumer, Honorine Blanc, and together they have created two brand new and beautiful scents guaranteed to please Trish’s devoted fans and recruit some news ones too. Here’s the inside scoop on Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum & Trish McEvoy Gold 9 Eau de Parfum – both are so gorgeous that I am struggling to choose a favourite!

Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum
Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum

As I write this, I am sitting here with 100 on my left wrist and Gold 9 on my right, and honestly, they are both so good. I think that 100 is edging it for me, but like I said, it is very hard to choose. I’ll tell you about 100 first because I think this one will get a lot of attention.

Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum

  • Top notes – Lychee & Blackberry Leaves
  • Heart notes – Jasmine, Rose Centifolia, Cypriol
  • Base notes – Tonka Bean, Creamy Leather, Cedarwood, Helvetolide, Ambrox

For me, this fragrance is all about the dry-down. Oh my gosh it is really powerful and sexy, but pretty different. I love that it’s different, there are so many fragrances that smell the same. It has a soft yet bright incense twist. It is smooth, not smoky, and stays on the skin really well. Cedarwood is often used in men’s fragrance, and here it is blended with ambery Ambrox and musk which makes it soft, sexy and creamy.

Trish McEvoy 100 is all about attitude and it has been created for someone that wants 100% in her life. Trish says, “This is a fragrance for the woman who wants to feel, to give, and to get 100% in every aspect of her life. She is unstoppable.”

Trish McEvoy Gold 9 Eau de Parfum

No. 9 is one of Trish’s existing and bestselling fragrances, and with Gold 9 Trish says, “My inspiration was to give our No. 9 lover a scent to satify her most confident mood. Warm, luxurious, sensual, the wearer of Gold 9 is in her element. She is golden.”

Trish McEvoy 100 Gold 9
Trish McEvoy Gold 9 Eau de Parfum

As I write this, I have spritzed Gold 9 again and now am wondering whether I prefer it to Trish McEvoy 100! Goodness, they are both so good that it’s really confusing!

  • Top notes – Italian Bergamot, Blackberry Nectar, Incense SFE
  • Heart notes – Rose Centifolia, Jasmine Sambac, Patchouli
  • Base notes – Indian Sandalwood, Leather, Marshmallow Smell the Taste, Musk

When I look at the notes, I know why I love this. It has all my favourites in there. This is scent is heady and decadent with such a grown up sensual feel. It would make the most gorgeous date scent – it is very sexy. It is earthy and edgy, and sweet in a luxurious creamy way. It is totally my kind of fragrance. Love it. I just have lab samples right now, but in an ideal world, I’d own this and Trish McEvoy 100. They make wonderful additions to my fragrance wardrobe.

Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum & Gold 9 Eau de Parfum both launch in September 2017 so there’s a bit of a wait, but it will be worth it. They are £155 each, Find Trish McEvoy HERE.

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