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Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Cream Review

28 Oct 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Cream
As the cold weather is starting to set in, I thought it was about time to start preparing my skin with a richer moisturiser.
I have been getting on beautifully with Trilogy’sBalancing Gel Cleanser, which is still going strong, so I thought I would give their Ultra Hydrating Cream a go.
It does have a lovely rich texture and if you like a cream you will love it, as it is thick without being too heavy, and feels very nourishing.
Also, a little bit goes a long way.

And it sinks in very quickly and leaves the skin with a hydrated yet matte finish. I am a big fan of a creamy consistency because I can’t bear my skin feeling dry. I have used this before applying my primer and makeup and my skin has felt super comfortable and my makeup has stayed put.

I haven’t suffered with any more shine than usual or any makeup slide, which is often the worry with using a cream for daytime use. Obviously, it’s great for night time too, and if you do worry about using creams for daytime but would still like some extra hydration, you could just use is as your night cream.

I love the smell. It contains manuka honey and lavender, and has a fresh and clean aroma. The smell is noticeably organic, which I’m very fond of, but some people prefer less obvious aromas. This particular trilogy number contains manuka honey and lavender and lots of other yumminess like honey, coconut and avocado oils.

This time of year, my skin starts to feel drier and more sensitive and this cream has made it feel comfortable. The aim is to get it super hydrated before the real nasty weather kicks in. Ha! I’m prepared this time! And I am reassured by the fact that it’s natural and organic and free from parabens and mineral oils.

Have you tried Trilogy products yet?

Can’t wait to hear from you


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