Topshop Glitter Pots & Glitter Liner

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How fun and gorgeous are these Topshop Glitter Pots? Topshop have managed to take us straight back to the 90s here. Remember how much fun we all had trying to amp up our beauty skills with hair glitters and liners? These well named Festival Beauty products are a must have for summer.

Topshop Glitter Pots
Topshop Festival Beauty Glitter – Topshop Glitter Pots, Hair Glitter & Glitter Liner

Topshop Glitter Pots – Hair Glitter

The hair glitter I tried was the perfect contrast colour against my black hair. The flakes are a lot bigger than the glitter pots so work really well in the parting of the hair. I actually found that I needed to apply a little mousse to help the flakes stick. 

Topshop Glitter Pots - Hair Glitter
Topshop Festival Beauty Hair Glitter

I love these and had I had them on the beach I probably would have roughly shaken a few through my locks to give me the summer edge. Find them here for £7.50

Topshop Glitter Pots

The small glitter pots are fabulous! The two colours I tried, Firefly and Scarab, are beautiful.

When it comes to glitter or bling I am there! These two lovelies didn’t disappoint either, Topshop advise using some body glue or balm to apply the flakes, however I found that they are so delicately made that once pressed on the skin it was impossible to get off. In a good way! They are so small, thin almost foil like flakes that I really found it wasn’t necessary to use any fixing product.

Topshop Glitter Pots
Topshop Glitter Pots – Firefly & Scarab

I can also really vouch for the staying power of these little pots because I am still sparkling in places, my choice. The images really don’t do these pots the justice they deserve, when the light catches them they really come alive and shimmer. I can really see myself at the right occasion using these in my makeup and this product being the the star of the show. 

I first started applying these with my hand and fingers but after trying that I actually found almost a scooping motion with a flat clean makeup brush worked a lot more precisely.

Find them here for £5

Topshop Glitter Liner

Topshop Glitter Pots - Glitter Liner
Topshop Glitter Beauty – Glitter Liner

The glitter liner is really subtle.  It’s a beautiful iridescent type glitter which for most is perfect, for me I think I would really try and build up the product to get a sheen. I will also be trying layering this liner over a black winged liner look. I think that would really work, especially for a smart casual occasion. I am really looking forward to creating other looks with all the items. Find it here for £7.50

Once my nails are off I am going to take a pot with me to the nail tech as Topshop states it can be used on the nails too! I really enjoyed playing with these beautiful and versatile products. All can be found at the TOPSHOP website.