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Top 10 Festival Beauty Essentials

11 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Heading off to a festival this summer?  Here’s our top ten festival beauty essentials to pop into your rucksack. Don’t leave the comfort of your proper bed without them!


Festival Beauty Essentials
Festival Beauty Essentials – Wipes

Whilst under normal circumstances I’m not a massive fan of wipes, needs must, and a festival is what makeup wipes were designed for. Throw a packet of these in your bag and add a pack of baby wipes too, so when you can’t face the communal showers and there’s a seventy minute wait for the cold tap, you can at least take your makeup off and  have something of a freshen up.

2. Travel Minis

Festival Beauty Essentials
Festival Beauty Essentials – Travel Minis

If, like me, the idea of not showering for a few days fills you with so much horror that you’ll shower under a bucket of cold water if need be, then this mini travel kit from Caudalie is perfect to slip in your rucksack and roomy enough to use as your wash bag when you go on your summer holiday too. Filled with everything you might need to keep you looking and feeling fresh- there’s a Micellar water, moisturiser, shower gel, body lotion, conditioning shampoo and a tiny Huile Divine too. Perfect to add a little luxe to your camping style and a bargain at only £12.50.

3. Sun Cream

Festival Beauty Essentials Altruist Sun Cream
Festival Beauty Essentials- Budget Sun Cream

Yes, we know it’s England and summer, so rain is almost guaranteed. Just bear in mind that when festivals get hot there’s almost no seating and even less shade, so sun cream is essential. For a budget option that’s great quality and enough to last the weekend, try this. When you see the stallholders selling sun cream raise their prices by £20 a tube, you’ll thank us.

4.  Dry Shampoo

Festival Beauty Essentials - Dry Shampoo
Festival Beauty Essentials – Dry Shampoo

Whatever you think you’ll do before you leave home, unless you are camping in an ultra VIP glamping enclave,  I can personally guarantee that the chance of you washing your hair every day at a festival is almost zero. Thankfully, that’s where the brilliant invention that is dry shampoo comes in, making you look and smell better in a few short sprays. Ruth Crilly’s Colab Active is perfect for festivals as it has UV filters in case the sun comes out.

5. Strong Deodorant

Festival Beauty Essentials
Festival Beauty Essentials – Strong Deoderant

The idea of a festival is that you party all night and then party some more the next day too – hopefully with the sun beating down gently on your back. All that partying might take a toll on your personal ‘freshness’ however, especially with showers in such short supply. If your normal deodorant isn’t especially strong, switch for something like this 24 hour version whilst camping. You might not thank us, but your tent mates will.

6. BB/CC Cream

Festival Beauty Essentials
Festival Beauty Essentials CC Cream

The dark gloom of a tent, especially one where the canvas is sodden with a weekend’s worth of rain, is not the place to be trying to apply perfect foundation. Instead, take a BB or CC cream and use it in the true ‘less is more’ festival spirit. For a cheap but effective option (and a festival is no place for anything expensive) try Maybelline Dream Fresh BB or Eucerin CC Cream with sunscreen.

7. Waterproof Mascara

 Festival Beauty Essentials better than sex mascara
Festival Beauty Essentials – Waterproof Mascara

Personally I wouldn’t set foot outside my front door without mascara, whether that be the front door of my house or of my tent, so if you feel the same way, make sure you don’t forget to pack a mascara in your festival bag. Apart from the fact that you’re likely to be either soaking wet from rain, or drenched in sweat from dancing, waterproof mascara generally lasts better than its non waterproof alternative. We like Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara for a great pick me up to make you look altogether more human, whatever you’ve been up to the night before.

8. Concealer

Festival Beauty Essentials - Concealer
Festival Beauty Essentials – Concealer

If you’re a princess like me and a pea under your mattress stops you sleeping, never mind a rock under your roll mat, then you’ll need a decent concealer to keep you looking human. I’m a fan of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, but Maybelline’s The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer is a great choice too.

9. Bronzer

Festival Beauty Essentials
Festival Beauty Essentials – Bronzer

When you’re a bit over-partied a quick ‘pep me up’ with a swish of bronzer can make you look altogether more perky and sophisticated. This Caudalie version gets rave reviews and has just the slightest hint of shimmer so you look suitably glamorous whatever you get up to. Plus the neat little compact will fit perfectly into your streamlined makeup bag.

10. Nars Multiple

Festival Beauty Essentials
Festival Beauty Essentials- Multi Tasking Products

An elaborate thirty step makeup routine isn’t really practical at a festival, so try and take products that will work hard to win their place in your makeup bag. Nars multiples are great for lips, eyes and cheeks – and come in one easy to pack stick that you can smudge on with your fingers. We recommend Riviera for a healthy, subtle pink.

And finally Hair Bands

Festival Beauty Essentials Popbands
Festival Beauty Essentials Popbands

Oops- yes that makes eleven! Two days in to your festival experience when the queues for the showers are two hours long and your hair looks more Kate Bush than Kate Moss you’ll be glad that you packed hair bands. These aptly named Popbands are perfect as they leave no kinks or dents in your hair. Plus, you can wear them as a bracelet, then when a hair emergency strikes you’ll always have one handy.




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