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Too Faced Lace Eyeshadows

14 Mar 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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OK!! This is a real sneak peek because there is very limited information on these very pretty products right now but they are definitely coming soon! Take a little look at the Too Faced Lace Eyeshadows. This is something very different from super cutesy Too Faced!!

Too Faced Lace Eyeshadows - Sneak Peek!
Too Faced Lace Eyeshadows – Sneak Peek! (Jerrod Blandino Instagram)

Too Faced Lace Eyeshadows – Sneak Peek!

I think you’ll agree that this does not look like Too Faced at all!! I should point out that this is a photo of lab samples shared by the brand’s Creative Director Jerrod Blandino on Instagram and not the final packaging which will most likely get the Too Faced super-cute treatment that we all love.

All I know about these extremely intricately designed powders is what they look like, but they are really intriguing. I wonder whether the lace pattern is over-spray, or whether it is baked into the pan. Only time will tell!!

At the moment I am calling these the Too Faced Lace Eyeshadows but I think we all know that the actual product name will be way fancier than that!! Stay tuned and I will share updates as soon as I can! Find Too Faced HERE.



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