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Toni & Guy Hair Accessories: A-Head Of The Game?

19 Dec 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Toni & Guy have a long held reputation in the hairdressing world for being innovative. They have a chain of salons across the UK, as well as an affordable range of hair care products sold on the high st. I was recently offered the chance to try some of the new Toni & Guy hair accessories.

I have long hair. My job as an Audiologist means I get very close to my patients so my hair has to be pulled back at all times. It wouldn’t do to drape my hair all over an elderly person’s face! I have a young son and not much time to get ready in the morning so I tend to pull it back into a ponytail when I’m working. Unfortunately I’m now in a bit of a hair rut as I tend to do that at weekends too. The selection of accessories I was sent has some conventional products, while others are a bit more fashiony.

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories
Toni & Guy Hair Accessories

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories- Glam Band


The first of the Toni & Guy Hair Accessories I was sent (above left) is an elasticated headband. It has an elasticated back, then the part that is on show is a row of elasticated clear plastic gems.

It reminds me of a tennis bracelet in appearance. This is a good universal item, I could happily wear this to work with my hair back, or with my hair down out shopping etc. Find it here

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories – Double Trouble

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories
Toni & Guy Hair Accessories – Double Trouble

The second item I tried is a double wear item, it is labelled as hair jewellery/necklace. This can be worn boho style as a headband with your hair down. Equally, if that’s not your cup of tea it’s a lovely necklace, ideal for a night out. This is definitely not an every day kind of item, I couldn’t imagine wearing it for work, but it’s nice to add a bit of glam to your hair. Find it here

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories
Toni & Guy Hair Accessories

Next we have 2 pieces that I would definitely wear. My twin, fellow ReallyRee writer Stacey, loves to tease me about my scrunchie addiction. However I see no issue with it ( you can tell I was a 90’s teenager!)

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories – Honey Bunny


I was sent a lovely leather look scrunchie with a bow on it. I will use this a lot and have already worn it at work several times, it’s a classic hair accessory with a modern twist. Find it here

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories – Dragon Tie


We then come to my favourite piece of all the Toni & Guy Hair Accessories I was sent. It’s a black hair elastic with a gorgeous silver dragonfly on it. The dragonfly is quite heavy and it feels well made, the tail has small diamantés on it and it just gorgeous. Stacey has already offered to take it off my hands! Find it here

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories – Green With Envy


Finally we come to some quirkier items. There’s a big green plastic bow which is on a hair clip. It’s a nice item but definitely more on the kitsch side, not something that I would wear as a 34 year old working mum. You can find it here

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories – Geek Chic


The final item is definitely for the more confident of wearers. My twin and husband are both opticians and I have worked in the optical and hearing industry for over 15 years, so when I pulled out a hair slide with a big red plastic pair of specs attached to it I had to laugh. It’s not my style, it’s enough being surrounded by them all day at work, I don’t want to wear more on my head! Nonetheless, it’s very cool and I can see someone who doesn’t spend their days surrounded by glasses wearing it. Find it here

Overall it’s a mixed bag review of the Toni and Guy Hair Accessories. I love the hair scrunchie, the dragonfly bobble and the jewelled band. I can’t see myself wearing the bow or the specs; I will pass those on to my 5 year old niece though as she will love them and she will rock them much better than I can!

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