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Tom Ford Private Blend Rive D’Ambre Review

9 Jul 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have had Tom Ford’s Rive D’Ambre for nearly a month and I have worn it every day since! I am completely obsessed with it! I have a lot of fragrance which means that I tend to wear different ones all the time, but this is the most faithful I have been to just one in over 2 years! It is absolutely gorgeous.
Tom Ford Private Blend Rive D’Ambre Review
Rive D’Ambre (or ReallyRive as I have been having fun calling it!!) is part of the Tom Ford Atelier D’Orient Private Blend collection. It’s a collection of absolute beauties and I would happily wear every one of them. The others are Shanghai Lily, Plum Japonais and Fleur de Chine, however, Rive D’Ambre is without doubt the one for me.
It has bergamot which is a serious favourite. I find it so uplifting and motivating and it sits beautifully alongside lemon and bitter orange. It’s a citrus delight. This bright freshness is beautifully balanced by the warm deep smoothness of wonderful golden amber at the base. 
I adore it. Of course, being Tom Ford, Rive D’Ambre is on the higher end price wise, £135 for 50ml, but I totally recommend you go and have a smell. The whole Atelier D’Orient collection is completely stunning. Find it HERE.

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