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Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016

18 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Yesterday I got a sneak peek at what Tom Ford have in store for us over the next few months. I’ve already shown you the gorgeous Winter Soleil collection and the return of the Lips & Boys lipsticks, but there are lots of new exciting fragrance launches happening over the next few months too! Here’s a sneak peek at Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016 releases.

Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016 – Private Blend Collection Releases

Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016
Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016 – Extra Verts

The first of these are four new releases that are part of Tom Ford’s exclusive Private Blend Collection for 2016. These new releases form the Extra Verts collection. This is the 8th Olfactory category for Tom Ford, and is themed around the greens and their associated scents, hence the ‘verts.’

There are four new scents in this release, Vert Boheme, Vert D’Encens, Vert Des Bois and Vert De Fleur.

  • Vert Boheme is inspired by the forests and woods. Picture in your mind the snow laden forests and ski resorts and this clean, fresh scent is evocative of those things.
  • Vert D’Encens is inspired by oriental chypre and the rugged coasts of Corsica. It mixes incense notes with the greens of the collection to create a modern interpretation of traditional incense fragrances. It’s intense and heady and has a slightly masculine feel to it.
  • Vert Des Bois as its name suggests combines a slightly floral element with the green scent of the woods. It’s an avant garde interpretation of florals, but there’s a lightness to it that I really like.
  • Vert de Fleur has a festive feel and I think would make a perfect Christmas scent. It has an undertone of pine as well as a slightly spicy edge that makes it very festive.

Vert de Fleur will release on the 29th August exclusively here for 3 months and will then be on sale nationwide from January here.

The other three new scents in the Private Blend Collection will be released on 29th August and will be nationwide immediately here.

Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016 – Private Blend Collection Candles

In addition to the new Private Blend Fragrances there are also some gorgeous Private Blend candles launching in September too.

Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016
Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016 – Private Blend Collection Candles

What you can’t really appreciate from the images here is the weight and quality of these amazing candles. Each comes in a beautiful, dark, heavy glass jar and has a 40 hour burn time.

What makes them even more beautiful though, is that they also come with a solid brass  top to place over them when they aren’t being used. When in use the lid can be inverted and the candle placed inside it, as a brass holder.

These tops are designed to keep the candles dust free and in perfect condition, but they are a thing of beauty in their own right. They are solid and heavy in the hand, engraved on the top with the Tom Ford TF logo and they exude real quality. They would make a perfect, beautiful gift for someone special.

Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016
Tom Ford Fragrance Winter 2016- Private Blend Collection Candle With Lid

The new Private Blend candles will come in six fragrances:

  • Oud Wood
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Tobacco Vanille
  • Tuscan Leather
  • Cafe Rose
  • White Suede

The candles will be released exclusively here from 1st September and will then go nationwide here on 3rd October.

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Now Released

If you’re looking for a scent that’s already available, this month has also seen the release of the gorgeous Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.

tom ford orchid soleil

This is a seriously sensual perfume that really packs a punch. The bottle is a shimmering rose gold and is in itself a thing of beauty, but the perfume inside is seriously beautiful too. It combines bitter orange, spicy pink pepper and Tuberose to create a sexy, heady scent.

  • Top notes – Bigarade, Pink Peppercorn, Fresh Cypress
  • Heart notes – Orchid, Spider Lily, Tuberose
  • Base notes – Vanilla Chestnut Cream, Patchouli

You can read a full review of Orchid Soleil here or find it to order online here.





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