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Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

9 Feb 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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There have been rumours going around for some time that the Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eye Quad is being discontinued. The sad news is that, yes the ugly rumour is true, Cognac Sable is being discontinued. But the good news is that there’s a brand new ‘reworked’ version, although that, of course, is a matter of opinion. Here’s a look at the new Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad. Meet the new Cognac Sable. 


Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad Review
Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad Review

So I’d imagine that many will say this is not very much like Cognac Sable. In fact, here is CS, and yes it does have a different tone.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eyeshadow Quad Review

Funnily enough, this is the first time I have owned Cognac Sable and I love it. But I actually think that the Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad is one that suits my pale skin tone a bit better. In fact a viewer on my YouTube video that featured both these quads commented that Cognac Sable is better suited to those with olive skin tones.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable & Disco Dust

Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad Review
Tom Ford Disco Dust Eyeshadow Quad Review

I am absolutely loving these shades!

Tom Ford Disco Dust Swatches

I adore the Tom Ford glitter texture. I find it is applied best with the finger just pressed onto the lid and it makes the perfect fine shimmer top coat. It’s a beautiful light taupey shade and it makes a great highlight and accent shade.

Shade 2 of Tom Ford Disco Dust is a gorgeous warm light brown colour and it is a brilliant crease shade. It also blends beautifully. Shade 3 is a soft shimmer copper shade, almost rose gold, which I adore. It is totally my kind of shade! Absolutely perfect to go all over the lid if you’re in a rush but still want a pretty eye look.

The final shade is a gorgeous satin finish dark chocolate brown with very fine copper, red-gold shimmer. It’s a stunner. It is perfect to smoke up the look and is great along the upper and lower lash lines. I am loving Disco Dust! It isn’t what I imagined when I first heard the name for some reason, but it is 100% my kind of palette.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable & Disco Dust

And so you can compare it to the beloved Cognac Sable, here is that palette swatched too.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Cognac Sable Swatches

Ah I love this one too. And now I’m wondering why it is taken until it is being discontinued to become part of my collection! If you are a Cognac Sable super-fan, I suggest you snap them up wherever you can find them! It is still available HERE right now. Although I wonder what the future could hold? I can maybe see a possible return in a bring-back blaze of glory, some time ahead! What do you reckon?!

Tom Ford Disco Dust has already launched, although initial stock has sold out at many retailers. Don’t worry though, as it’s part of the permanent collection so it will only be a matter of time, and good timing, until you can get your hands on it. So keep checking the links below.

Find the quads in stock (if not keep checking back!) HERE, HERE, and Harrods. US readers can buy Disco Dust HERE.




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