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To Get You in the Christmas Spirit!!

14 Dec 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Last night I was lucky enough to have been invited by Dove to see the Nutcracker at the London Coliseum  and it was completely amazing! It has totally got me in the Christmas spirit. But because I wasn’t allowed to take any pics to share with you, I thought this might do instead.
It will get you into the Christmas Spirit in a different Dove way in just 28 seconds. I totally love this!

I really love Dove’s Haircare range especially Dove’s Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask which always leaves my hair feeling silky and refreshed. I love it because it performs and it really doesn’t break the bank.

In fact, it was Dove that first ever inspired me to write about haircare here!  And now I’m obsessed with haircare!!

And tell me you don’t love that vid??!


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