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This Works In Transit No Traces Review

1 Jul 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Is it just me that gets really excited when a celebrity recommends something that doesn’t cost the earth? A lot of the time when you watch someone on social media, they recommend products that the average human can’t really afford. I actually spotted Kim Kardashian talking about the This Works In Transit No Traces pads on Snapchat and I was really intrigued. So, it’s safe to say I was excited when I was offered the chance to try them for myself.

This Works In Transit No Traces
This Works In Transit No Traces

In recent years, wipes have really been propelled into the 21st Century. They were once very strong, alcoholic products, which would strip your skin. This being said, I’ve always been a big believer in avoiding wipes on a daily basis. Where they come in really handy though, is when you’re on the go, particularly if you’re on a plane. Until very recently I would take a bottle of micellar water and some cotton pads to avoid wiping my skin with a wipe fuelled by strong ingredients.

The This Works In Transit No Traces pads combine convenience and speed, with ingredients that do not destroy the skin. The ingredients are designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance, with a blend of Bio Boost and Rosewater.  Bioboost is thisworks own powerful new blend of repairing plant oils.

The pads are lightly scented with a beautiful rose scent.  To use, you simply massage the pads over the skin to remove impurities. They are actually really effective too, they dissolved even my waterproof mascara with ease.

I did find that I needed at least three pads to remove all my makeup though, they are definitely not a one pad solution. After using the pads I found that my skin felt really hydrated and not stripped in the slightest. It felt like there was a slight residue on the skin, which pumped more moisture into my skin overnight.

This Works In Transit No Traces
This Works In Transit No Traces

The tub itself is actually quite bulky, which is quite surprising from a range made for travelling, so I personally would not pack this in my on-plane travel bag. However, I have a top tip – simply take a few out of the tub and place them in a sandwhich bag which you can reseal. It makes them incredibly portable and stops the pads from drying out.

The in transit no traces pads from thisworks retail for £17, which is for 60 pads. Find them to order online here


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