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Therapearl Eye Mask Review

6 Jul 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Following on from my Biotrue review, another product to help with dry, tired eyes and headaches is the Therapearl eye mask. This is a soft pliable mask filled with Pearl technology. This makes it innovative in its ability to be used cold or hot. Used cold it can help relieve puffy eyes and headaches and used hot it helps if suffering from dry eyes.

Therapearl Eye Mask
Therapearl Eye Mask Review

In a survey of 2,000 participants commissioned by TheraPearl 89% said that having ‘me time’ was important and 46% said they got stressed without this alone time. 1 in 5 said tensions of modern life worried them and almost half of all participants said that feeling stressed put a strain on their relationships, with 63% saying that feeling stressed made them feel tired and irritable.

These feelings of stress, as we know, take their toll on our bodies with our eyes and head suffering- amongst other organs. Almost 1 in 5 said they had a headache once or twice a week. 

A study conducted by the US National Headache Foundation (NHF) found that 71% of of patients who used a frozen gel pack during an acute headache found it an effective pain reliever and about half reported that it immediately decreased pain. Similar studies have confirmed these results. We’ve all felt the relief an ice pack provides on sprains and aches and the cold sensation has definitely helped me.

Therapearl Eye Mask
Therapearl Eye Mask – Use Hot Or Cold

Unfortunately my twin Michelle and I both suffer migraines and have done since our teenage years. I had a severe headache over the weekend. Like a lot of people storms or oncoming storms cause a headache and we had a humdinger of a storm this weekend. I placed the TheraPearl mask in the fridge as soon as I received it and so it was ready for me to lie with it over my eyes in a quiet room for 20 minutes when I felt the headache approaching. The resulting pain was much lower than it normally is. Now I don’t make any claims that it will help everyone but Michelle is keen to try this as an alternative remedy too. I’ve also used it on my niece’s knee when she fell as a makeshift ice pack and it worked perfectly.

Therapearl Eye Mask
Therapearl Eye Mask – Packaging Instructions

But that isn’t all the TheraPearl can do. For dry eye sufferers used heated this can aid the long term symptoms of dry eye. We as Opticians recommend hot compresses because our Eyelids contain oil glands. Oil is an important component of tears as it stops our tears evaporating too quickly. Like any oil it can become more solid and the oil glands can become blocked, leading to dry eyes. Patients find hot compresses tricky as they need to be the right heat as too hot will scald the delicate lid tissue and not hot enough and the compress won’t work.

The TheraPearl takes all guesswork away. Place in the microwave for the specified time and the work is done while you lie and relax. My only additional recommendation is to gently massage the eyelid with clean fingers in a circular motion after removing the TheraPearl, to really maximise the effects.

In summary used cold TheraPearl can

  • Relieve puffy eyes and headaches
  • Take the sting out of a brow wax
  • Reduce swelling after a cosmetic procedure

Used hot it can

  • Relieve symptoms of dry eye, including those associated with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and Blepharitis
  • Can be used in treatment of styes
  • Relieve soreness once swelling is gone after a cosmetic procedure.

You can find Therapearl Hot & Cold Eye Masks to order online here

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