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The Jessica Phenom Collection Review & Swatches

23 Dec 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Jessica Nails was started in America in the 1970s by Jessica Vartoughian. She was known as The First Lady of Nails, a name that stuck as she would often visit one of her most famous fans Nancy Reagan at the White House. Interestingly Jessica Vartoughian was the first person to open a nails only salon in America in 1969 and the company continue to be at the forefront of the nail industry.

Jessica work to their mantra that ‘Every woman can have long, strong, beautiful natural nails’ and the company are well known for their natural nail products. She was actually one of the originals to develop formulas for the many different types of nail conditions, maintaining that there really is a nail treatment for everyone. 

Jessica Phenom Collection
Jessica Phenom Collection

The Jessica Phenom collection is designed for you to enjoy a longer lasting manicure at home.T hey are also 7 free and vegan friendly and cruelty free. The range has a quick drying formula that really looks amazing. It has a gel like shine without the need to spend any time under a UV/LED lamp. There are a few companies that have tried to do this already but after trying out Jessica Phenom nails, I think they’re one of the best companies doing it on the market. 

 The trick is to apply the three step approach. First apply a fine layer of the Jessica base coat. When this has dried apply one of the beautiful 45 vivid colours from the Phenom range. For a finale touch and to complete the look add a Finale Shine Top coat. 

Jessica Phenom
Jessica Phenom Precious Collection


I tried out the three colours which all look ultra-festive. The first was Star Sapphire which is this gorgeous deep blue. It takes a few coats to get the desired effect that you want from this colour but it’s worth the wait as you can see from the pictures It’s beautiful. 

Jessica Phenom
Jessica Phenom Precious Collection Swatches

The second colour is the Antique Silver. It’s again beautiful and really understated. For a deeper colour you could apply a few more coats. It would also look lovely over a bright colour to mute it. It also comes as part of a gift set.

Lastly, Gold Vermeil. This colour is the show stopper of the colours that I tried, it’s almost holographic and just needs one coat to look vibrant. It’s also very festive looking. It will go with anything and everything and you’ll get you a ton of comments as to where it’s from. 

The Jessica Phenom Collection colours all dried really quickly leaving them looking like I’d just had a manicure from a professional, especially once the final shine top coat went on too. A perfect look and one that stayed looking amazing too. Find them all here


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