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Thalgo Perfect Matte Fluid And Imperfection Corrector Review

13 Nov 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Thalgo is a brand that believes in the beautifying properties of the ocean. They are also a world leader in spas, spa products and marine cosmetics. I was kindly sent two products to try from their ranges, the Thalgo Perfect Matte Fluid and the Imperfection Corrector, and have been using these for the past three weeks.

Thalgo Perfect Matte Fluid
Thalgo Perfect Matte Fluid & Imperfection Corrector

Thalgo Perfect Matte Fluid

Thalgo Perfect Matte Fluid is suitable for anyone (man or woman) with shiny skin and/or visible pores.


The directions per the website state to apply morning and evening after cleansing. Apparently, this causes a significant reduction in shine; they even have a clinical trial to back up this claim. On average, 22 volunteers claimed a significant reduction in shine (25%) after an 8 hour period of wear. I am not entirely sure how it works but there is a short paragraph on their website explaining the active ingredients:

“Acti’Sébum neutralises the shine effect of sebum by modifying its viscosity, while Fucus Spiralis and Tetraselmis chui help regulate the appearance of excess sebum.”


This is all news to me but as someone with oily/combination skin and large pores this product is a gift sent straight from heaven. It is thin in consistency and white in colour. It makes my skin feel quite tacky so I skip primer with this product. I have noticed a reduction in shine but as someone who wears quite matte foundations I do feel this product makes my foundation appear thicker on the skin. Find it here

Thalgo Imperfection Corrector


In addition to the Perfect Matte Fluid, I was lucky enough to receive the Imperfection Corrector as well. To use you apply directly on your “imperfections” morning and evening. The website doesn’t specify where in your skincare routine you should insert this product, so I have been applying it as my last step in my morning and evening routine.
I cleanse first, apply the Perfect Matte Fluid and Imperfection Corrector then I go and make a cup of tea and return to apply moisturiser and light makeup after I feel the Thalgo products have had enough time to sink in. In the evening, the Thalgo Products are my last step.

I do and don’t like the scent of this, it smells like a prescription gel, that heavy, almost medical scent. On the one hand, I like it because it makes me feel like it must be doing something. On the other hand, it reminds me of my Grandma’s knee ointment. I apply it largely around my mouth, nose and on any blemishes. This product I had high hopes for, so far I haven’t noticed much difference but it is early days.


Thalgo Imperfection Corrector Application

I wish they had more information on how these products should be used as instructions like “apply on your imperfections” is ambiguous. It describes itself as being for shine, visible pores and imperfections and claims to help skin repair itself after an imperfection more quickly. In my experience, I would recommend not to apply it on breakouts or blemishes as it just makes them redder and more visible at least initially. I think this is more suited to correcting uneven skin tone and texture.

I like these products because I have never tried anything like them before, they are innovative in that respect. My one qualm is the lack of information on the website. I have not tried many, or any, products like this so I would like crystal clear instructions to tell me how, where, how often and how much I should apply. I do feel if more information was provided I would have got better results with both products.

The Perfect Matte Fluid (RRP £25) and Imperfection Corrector (RRP £16.50) are available to order online.

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