SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask Review
By Ree

SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask Review

17 Feb 2018 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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So the thing with Vitamin C is that it is a highly unstable molecule which means it’s very hard to take advantage of it’s full efficacy and concentration. The delivery system is crucial when it comes to getting results and the SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat uses an aerosol to preserve 100% of the Vitamin C’s effectiveness. Here are the details.

SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask
SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask

I have been  really excited to try more products from this French Pharmacy skincare brand, SVR, and I was delighted to receive this one because I love masks and I am always up for trying something that’s a bit different.

SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask
SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask

With its aerosol format and super soft foam texture, this was different enough to really get me interested.

SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Features

  • First micro-peeling foam mask in aerosol form
  • Smooths and boost radiance
  • Uses a powerful combination of high dose vitamin C and hyaluronic acid
  • Cocktail of active ingredients including Euodia used in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 4% Gluconolactone (a gentle AHA)-  re-texturises, smooths and refines skin
  • Niacinamide – soothes and restores the skin barrier
  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid – hydrates and plumps
  • Extract of red algae forms a molecular mesh to prevent water loss for immediate & lasting hydration
  • Innovative packaging preserves & optimises the efficacy & properties of vitamin C
  • Suitable for all ages and skin types including sensitive
  • Can be used as a mask for 15 minutes or left overnight for more intense effect
SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask
SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask

I’ll come right out and say it, this is an absolutely brilliant mask and it made my skin bright, glowing and more even looking right after the first use. I love this so much and, in fact, I haven’t loved a mask as much as this in a while.

The Benefits

There’s so much going on with the brightening Vitamin C, gentle AHA exfoliation, soothing Niacinamide and the plumping Hyaluronic, that it’s like a full work out for the skin. So good!

You need to shake up the can, pump out a ball of the mousse and then apply all over the face and down the neck. The foam melts into the skin and turns into a clear liquid that feels soothing and calming as you massage it in. You simply leave on for 15 minutes then rinse away and get on with your regular skincare.

SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask

I loved the results. Even while it was on, my skin looked instantly better and afterwards it looked smooth, plump and radiant.  I am very very impressed.

The SVR Hydracid C50 Masque Eclat Foam Mask is £30 for 50ml and available HERE now. I’d say it’s definitely worth the money because it has a range of actives with multi-benefits. I reviewed the SVR Micellar waters here and they are excellent. I definitely want to try more from this brand.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products.

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