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SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” Review with Before & After Photos

23 Apr 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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A few weeks ago a completely fell for a few new makeup items from the Japanese, and Selfridges-exclusive, brand SUQQU (reviews here), and have since been continuing my investigations. This time it’s a foundation that I have really been enjoying using – the SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” with SPF30.
SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” Review
This is the newest addition to the SUQQU line (launched March 2014) and this foundation promises “luminous and velvety smooth-looking skin, whilst lifting, firming and delivering skincare ingredients”. 
SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” uses a special synchronising technology which means that it lays down pigments between fine layers that then lift and firms the skin and hold the foundation in place. You apply it in upward strokes to ensure that the foundation lifts in the right direction apparently! I didn’t use the sponge but my Eve Lom foundation brush. I am not entirely sure about the lifting and need to try it out some more, but I definitely love the finish which makes my skin look translucently flawless, fresh and plump.
SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” Review
Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” formula uses micro-particles of White Reflection Powder and Dual Reflection Powder to cover dullness and unevenness, whilst providing a real skin finish. It also contains SUQQU’s Pore-less Polymer Complex and Translucent Veil technology for full yet natural looking coverage that stays in place as it is also capable of absorbing sebum. Without wanting to go on and on, it also contains skincare ingredients including Shea Butter and SPF30.
It feels beautifully light on the skin and is really easy to apply. Here are the before and afters.
SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” Review – Before
And here’s  photo with SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation applied – shade 101:
SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” After
Shade 101 is too pale I think, but the finish is incredible. It looks completely flawless yet still looks just like skin and you can see my freckles and natural radiance but everything is much more even and smooth looking. It is also very pore-minimising which always pleases me.
Here it is with a bit of bronzer and other minimal makeup so you can see it warmed up a little:
SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” Review – After
I like this a lot. My goodness, I have tried so many amazing skin bases recently I really am spoilt for choice. I particularly love how this makes my skin look like porcelain and is really radiant without being dewy. This is a definite choice for days when I want to go more matte, and I know that makeup artists are really loving this one already!
The only problem is the price, which is very high. The complete SUQQU Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation “N” compact is £64 and refills are £49 . Ouch!! It’s a beautiful brand though and you kind of feel like you’re part of a cult beauty secret. It comes in 6 shades.
You can buy SUQQU exclusively from Selfridges.
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