Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser Review
By Ree

Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser Review

11 May 2017 (Updated: 16 Sep 2017)

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If you are looking for a rich moisturiser that’s still fairly light on the skin and boosts your glow factor, then I may have found one you’ll like. I am having a bit of a moment with Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser and having tried it, can’t stop reaching for it. Here’s the low down.

Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser
Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser

The texture of this cream is lovely. I feel like it melts into my skin so beautifully and leaves it looking instantly smoother and glowier. The formula is thick without being too heavy – it has almost a hint of a honey-like texture but isn’t sticky. I find it great to use both day and night.

Sunday Riley CEO Features

  • Hydrating moisturiser
  • Infuses the skin with 5% high-potency, advanced vitamin C (THD ascorbate)
  • Protects the skin against pollution with expopolysaccharides (stops pollution sticking to the skin)
  • Fight the visible signs of ageing
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens the skin
  • Tackles skin dryness
Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser
Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser

Packaging & Vitamin C Stability

What worried me at first about Sunday Riley CEO was the jar packaging because I understand that vitamin C doesn’t stand up too well to oxidization. The serum I have been using (Philosophy Time in a Bottle) is a vitamin C serum and you mix it yourself to activate and then should be used within three months for it to be most effective.

However, the THD ascorbate used in this formula is apparently the gold standard form of vitamin C and is very stable against oxygenation. It promises to stay stable even in a jar. It is an oil-soluble derivative of vitamin C and works well with the luxurious texture of this moisturiser.

Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser
Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser

The formula sinks into my skin really well. It leaves skin feeling moisturised and smooth but I can’t feel any tackiness. It’s super comfortable and contributes to the look of a much juicier complexion. I really like it under makeup when I want my skin to glow and also on it’s own when I’m not wearing makeup as it just makes my skin look better.

Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser
Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser


I love a thick cream, in spite of my combination skin, because I actually get pretty dehydrated and a thicker texture helps to instantly relieve that. This is a lipid soluble cream, there’s no watery texture like Tidal and I think dry skins are going to love this.

I haven’t tested this properly by any means, as I haven’t been using it consistently, or over a long period of  time, but I keep using it when I feel my skin needs a bit of a boost and I love the way it makes my complexion look and feel. I actually find this cream quite hard to resist. If you have ever tried the Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Cream, it kind of reminds me a bit of that in texture but a little lighter – very nourishing but not greasy.

It also smells sweetly citrus which I really enjoy. This is thanks to Tangerine Oil.

The Sunday Riley CEO Protect & Repair Moisturiser is £60 and available HERE now. Stay tuned to the homepage for all the latest launches.



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