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Summer Proof Your Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

26 Jun 2015 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Guest post by Parie.

I think it is safe to say summer is here. The longer and brighter days bring with it warmer weather and it is beautiful. We change our wardrobe for the summer months, so why not change our makeup up and make it ‘summer proof’. Here are 5 ways to stop you from getting sweaty and oily.


1.Less is More

If you don’t use as many layers of makeup on your face, then there is less to melt away. Instead of putting on foundation, concealer, blusher ect try using an all in one base which has a foundation and concealer combined. The Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation is great for this. Or even try out a tinted moisturiser this will give you the coverage you want and many of them come with SPF built in providing you with protection in the sun.


Whatever base you use I can’t recommend a primer enough. Using a high quality primer helps to make your makeup last a lot longer than it would usually. Primer isn’t just great for your face, it’s also good for your eyes to help eye shadow stay on longer. Benefit Porefessional Primer comes highly recommended.

3.Creams are your best friend

By using cream eye shadows and blushes you will  make your life a lot easier. Creams are much more simple to reapply and touch up as the day goes along. Cream highlighters are also amazing to give your skin a dewy look. Bourjois do brilliant creme blush.

4.Set it all in place

If using a primer doesn’t appeal to you then set your makeup in place after you’ve applied it. A setting spray can be used after your makeup application to put make sure that all the products you already have stay put and don’t move for the next few hours.  Urban Decay All Nighter will do the trick!

5.Use Blotting Sheets

Apply your makeup in the morning and try your best not to touch it. During the day if you happen to get oily on our t-zone then use an oil blotting sheet which will remove the excess oil and leave your face looking nice and fresh. TOP TIP – If you don’t own any oil sheets, then take some tissue, open it up at the corner to leave you with two thin pieces of tissues and voilà!

There you are, 5 easy and simple steps to ‘summer proof’ your makeup!

Parie x

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