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Studio 10 Beauty Review

10 Jun 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Studio 10 is an interesting makeup brand – it’s ethos is to combine easy to follow professional techniques and high performance products that address the visible signs of ageing without the need to go under the knife.

studio 10 Beauty
Studio 10 Beauty

The brand uses soft, warm shades and luminescence rather than going down the route of bold, stark colours and shimmering glitter. Due to this, the colour and finish within the line is suitable for all ages, especially maturing skin.

studio 10
Studio 10 Beauty – Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil

My favourite product from the bunch I’ve been using is easily the Radiance Glow Bronzing Veil which is a beautiful, sleek compact with a universally flattering bronzing powder and a radiant luminous powder.

studio 10 Beauty swatches
Studio 10 Beauty Swatches

I find the powder is a perfect shade for not only bronzing up the skin but it’s cool enough for sculpting too. Though there is a little fall out of product, the formula is superfine with a smooth texture that blends perfectly.

studio 10 beauty
Studio 10 Beauty – Products

I’ve been using the Double Ended Cheek Brush to apply the bronzer and it’s been a perfect combination. The brush has an angled end which softly sculpts the cheekbones with ease and the round end works well at bronzing the perimeter of the face and softening heavy handed application. There is zero shedding with this brush and I’ll continue to reach for it daily.

studio 10 Beauty
Studio 10 Double Ended Cheek Brush

Finally, there is the Age-Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner which is fantastic for getting those Kylie Jenner lips without much effort. This lip liner is dual ended – one side is a softly pink toned liner for perfectly over drawing the lips and the other is a nude toned liner for creating lift and exaggerating plumpness in the lips.

Studio 10 Beauty Lipliner
Studio 10 Beauty- Age Reverse Perfecting LipLiner

The liner is infused with coconut oil as well as Vitamins C and E to hydrate, nourish and condition. There’s no dragging or feathering with this liner either.

studio 10 beauty products on the face
Studio 10 on the face

I’m totally converted to Studio 10 makeup – the products are top quality and a complete breeze to use. They’ve joined my daily rotation and I don’t see them leaving for some time.

Want to try for yourself? You can find Studio 10 products to order online here


Have you tried anything from Studio 10?


Love Kate xo

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