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Stella McCartney Pop Fragrance Review

22 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I have always had my stash of favourites when it comes to perfumes. I know scent preferences are completely personal, some might like floral, some might like something sweet and full of vanilla but for me I think its about finding the perfect balance and what smells like “you” when you come across a fragrance.

I recently got sent this brand new Stella McCartney Pop fragrance along with the shower gel and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it. This is Stella’s third fragrance launch and I’m not usually a huge fan of celebrity launches as they can be a bit hit and miss, but I can tell you that this is definitely a hit for me and here’s why.

Stella McCartney Pop
Stella McCartney Pop

I think the campaign for this fragrance is aiming towards a slightly younger audience with the bright pink bottle cap and playful packaging.  

The girls featured in Stella’s campaign are shown in the campaign to be living life and are authentic and individual.  The theme of this campaign is that it’s meant to be inspirational for young women and reinforce the idea that beauty can be individual and that there is no need for a one size fits all approach to beauty.

This scent is described as a floral, woody fragrance created by main note accords of Tuberose  and Sandalwood. As you first encounter the scent you can immediately detect the green earthiness, tomato leaf and citrus. This fragrance also contains violet leaves, green mandarin and violet flower. 

I rarely buy the matching shower gel to fragrances as I don’t find them sufficiently moisturising for my dry skin but again I was blown away by the consistency of this shower gel. The texture of this is very silky and it lathers up ever so slightly leaving a light delicate floral scent on the skin without drying it out. I think it’s a great way to layer up the fragrance and especially if you want the scent to linger round through daytime into the evening.

Stella McCartney Pop
Stella McCartney Pop

As for the fragrance itself I am completely hooked. I find that the scent develops throughout the day and becomes warmer and more evident. You can’t really miss the Tuberose as it’s very dominant and also the Sandalwood and a mix of Cedarwood gives a really cosy, warm feeling. Mixed with the fruity floral it creates a unique scent, but without being too overpowering.

It’s a feminine but fresh scent but definitely light and airy so perfect for summer. It’s also definitely a more youthful scent in my opinion and here’s an interesting fact. Tuberose was used for this due to its reputation as an older flower; Stella wanted to introduce it to a younger generation.

For some reason I’m in such a good mood when I have this scent on. I definitely get a lot of compliments when I wear this and I can see myself wearing this all summer long.

Stella McCartney Pop comes in an eau de parfum which is longer lasting than your average eau de toilette and I usually prefer an EDP since the scent is more potent and lasts longer. 

Have you tried this new scent from Stella McCartney? What do you think?

Find Stella McCartney Pop to order online here

Kawai x 

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