Spring Beauty- 5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Look
By Ree

Spring Beauty – 5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Look

6 Mar 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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For some people, spring cleaning might be all about clearing out cupboards and vacuuming under the beds, but for us beauty junkies, spring is a great time to re-evaluate our look. Whilst most of us don’t want to make drastic changes just because the evenings are getting a little longer, a few tweaks here and there can really freshen things up and get us ready for the (hopefully!) warmer weather.

1 Sort Through Your Makeup Stash

spring makeup

If you have makeup that’s out of date and out of style, this is the time to ditch it. Anything that smells a bit iffy or has been hanging around long enough to change colour or texture should be first into the bin, so you’re left with only the kind of products you’re happy to put on your face. Sort out your storage too, make sure everything has a place, so you can find it quickly in the morning rush.

Next, it’s time to rediscover all those long lost products you loved last summer. This year spring/summer beauty is all about fresh faces and dewy skin, so it’s time to dig out the sheer textures, shimmer, and sort through your bronzers before the sun comes out again. Don’t be afraid to experiment with creating new looks with last year’s products, beauty is meant to be fun!

2. Lighten Up On Your Hair!

spring hair

Just because it’s a new season don’t feel like you have to ditch a look you love. For some people though, brighter skies and warmer weather mean they want to lighten their hair ready for the summer months. Next time you’re there, ask your hairdresser what they’d change about your tresses and if you love their ideas, why not try it? Often, a few lighter streaks around the front can really make your whole face light up as the weather gets warmer. At the same time, a short, snappy cut can look and feel much cooler for the warmer months.

3. Remember Your Legs?

Spring legsSome lucky people’s skin stays perfect whatever the weather, but for a lot of us changing seasons means a change in our skin too. Heavy creams that keep things soft and peachy in the winter can cause breakouts as the weather hots up. If your face gets oilier as the weather gets warmer start gradually transitioning to lighter formulations once the temperature rises. Spring is also the time when we start to think about going outside without tights (gulp!) If your legs needs polishing and prepping before you can venture out with bare skin, now’s the time to put in the work.

4. Spring Is In The Air….


The heavy, spicy perfumes that seemed perfect for curling up on the sofa under a blanket, or sipping warmed, mulled wine by a log fire, can feel just too dark and cloying for spring. If you’ve been layering on musky, heavy perfumes for the last few months, reach for something light and floral to lighten up your mood and put a spring in your step.

5. Shop Your Own Wardrobe 

Spring wardrobe

Remember last summer? Long evenings in the sunshine, picnics in the park, strawberries & cream whilst watching Wimbledon? (We won’t mention the drizzle!) It won’t be long before the warmer months are here again, so March is a great time to pull out your summer clothes and get sorting. When you haven’t seen or worn things for a while it can feel like owning a whole new wardrobe when you rediscover them. So, before you even think about hitting the shops to buy your summer outfits, shop your own wardrobe first. Try everything on and mix and match to work out what you still love. You might be amazed at all the gorgeous spring & summer outfits you already own!

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