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Spa Fabulous Organics Purifying Serum Review

5 May 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I just have to tell you about this little bottle of amazing because it really is one of my secret weapons in the quest for flawless skin. Here is the Spa Fabulous Organics Purifying Serum.

Spa Fabulous Organics Purifying Serum Review

If ever my skin is stressed, a bit spotty or inflamed, I use a couple of drops of this oil and it fixes it in a flash. Literally, a couple of applications, and whatever I was worrying about is either sorted or significantly better. It’s brilliant.

In the old days I wouldn’t have dreamt of putting oil on a spot, but this oil really does the trick. It also feels and smells amazing so it’s an all round winner.

The low-down:

  • Tea Tree is a natural antispetic that heals & repairs
  • Vitamin E replenishes & rebuilds
  • Pure Rosehip Seed Oil renews skin and hydrates
  • Rosemary eases congestion & puffiness
  • Citrus balances and absorbs excess oil
I really love this stuff and never want to be without it!  
Spa Fabulous Organics Purifying Serum is £58 for 30ml which is pricey but I have had my bottle for 7 months, using it just when my skin needs it, and there is at least 7 months left!
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