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So Eco Brushes- An Everyday Essential

7 Feb 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Sometimes when it comes to makeup application I think it’s definitely down to having good tools in your kit. Over the years I have been lucky enough to trial and accumulate some really good brushes. Professional Makeup brushes are not cheap but I definitely consider the cost per use and the quality of the brush so to me it’s justifiable, plus it’s not every day you buy a makeup brush right?

So Eco Brushes

Recently I have come across these So Eco brushes and I have completely fallen head over heels for them for a number of reasons;

  1. They have a rose gold finish and I’m such a huge fan of rose gold
  2. The bristles are incredibly soft and easy to wash because they are synthetic
  3. The range contains a variety of brushes so there’s one for every makeup task
  4. The Complexion range comes in a travel case, really handy for weekend trips/holidays

So Eco is a brand based on the concept of producing eco friendly brushes. These brushes are cruelty free, and all the brushes are made with 100% responsibly and ethically sourced components. They are produced with recyclable aluminium ferrules and the handles of the brushes are produced from renewable bamboo.

I’ve been using these brushes in the past week to apply my makeup in the morning and I have to say I am very impressed. In the morning I usually start with foundation and I’ve been reaching for the Round Foundation Brush which is really great for spreading and buffing. The size of this brush is great to get round the nose and under eye areas.

After concealer and foundation I like to set my makeup with some setting powder and the Tapered brush works really well as it doesn’t overload the brush but applies the powder liberally.

So Eco Brushes

Let’s talk about the Angled Contour Brush which has just completely taken me by surprise. I have been using this with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder on my cheekbones for definition and it picks up the perfect amount of product again giving the perfect definition. This brush is a little bit more dense compared to the others and I think this would also work great as a foundation brush.

To finish everything off I apply a little bit of blush and this Blush Brush is perfect as it picks up the perfect amount to apply on the apples of the cheeks adding a flush of colour.

Finally the Flat Foundation Brush. I don’t usually use a flat brush to apply liquid foundation and prefer a buffing brush but this works really well for setting powder and concealer under the eyes. I just use the brush and do some light patting motions and this works great.

So Eco Brushes

I wanted to also mention quickly how easy these brushes are to wash. They are synthetic so they don’t actually hold a lot of product so the brush washes really easily. I tend to wash them weekly and just let them air dry on the side. I also really like that the set comes with a handy travel pouch as it’s perfect on the go and protects the brushes from getting crushed or damaged. Even better, the travel pouches are made from unbleached natural cotton.

Overall I am definitely impressed with these so Eco brushes. They have been helping me speed up my morning routine and more importantly they are at a friendly price point which means I can stock up without breaking the bank. Have you tried these So Eco brushes?

So Eco brushes are available to order online here

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